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Good episode, glad they brought all the stories back.

The one dumb part though was really REALLY dumb. The nail in the shoe bit.
It's like they thought "We need Gabrielle to escape, but get injured so he can be vulnerable and learn how to defend himself......but we're just gonna put a nail flat on the ground he's gonna step on it, and it's gonna go straight up his foot". So dumb

Also, the reoccurring "Let me help you" thing got very douche chill inducing at one point. I almost expected Maggie to say to Abraham "Let me help you" at one point. It's like the show was trying to do one of those "Ahhhhhhhhh" moments. Yick....
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Will do moose stuff for $
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Jesus another terrible episode. They gotta get this shit back on track. Nothing about that was good, nothing to say.
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You can't spell rap without cRap

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Feminism ruined The Pit
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Not much happened did it. Jesus why is it so hard for them to actually have stuff happen in the episode?

However they actually have improved by having stories from all 3 groups rather than focusing on only one. It's sad that's considered a revelation.

Lol what a non-cliffhangar also lol as if I care. I don't quite get this show any more. It all feels so pointless. Why am I watching?
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lava lamps though
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I can't believe Sasha fell for that. That's all I have to say about this episode.

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lolshasha what a stupid thing to do
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wreakin havoc
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I feel like Rick is barely the main protagonist anymore. I mean I get that they want to develop other characters, and there's more story besides Rick's, but it almost feels like they just forgot Rick even was the original main character. But tbh 'stuff and thangs' pedantic Rick from the prison got annoying, so I can see why they would want to stray away from him a bit.
( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
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It's fine with me. He's def more of the focus point in the comics, but these lulls are making me miss Rick each time, so it's great to see him when he does pop up.

Rick's become like the equivalent to Jack from Lost He'll be in almost every episode, almost always have an important role, but might be center stage for like half of the episodes.

Everyone saw that sneak attack coming on Sasha, but to be real, that Bob guy was acting every bit the good guy until he whacked her. It didn't help her psychologically that his name was Bob as well, and he was acting pretty genuine

Also, there's now (count them) SEVEN black characters that are in the story and are alive right now. What happened to the predictable 2-3 black people only quota?
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