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Originally Posted by daytripper75
I refuse to believe that Mazda has completely given up on a new rotary, or a new RX car. They can deny it, but you know they want to build one.

We all need more of this.

sadly, I don't think we'll be seeing another rotary halo car for a long time for specifically this reason:

Originally Posted by Good_Lord
This is what makes the car move, instead of traditionnal pistons in a rotary car. It drinks a lot of gas, revs to stratopheric speeds and sounds awesome.

mazda's been heralding their skyactiv technology as the absolute best alternative to forced induction, diesel, and hybrid tech to make power and still be extremely fuel efficient. Mazda is not honda or toyota with untold billions to spend on R&D. on a relatively modest budget (in terms of car R&D at least) they came up with one of the most ingenious new engine fuel management systems ever, and I don't see them spitting in the face of that philosophy by throwing a bone to the RX7 fans and giving us an ultra-thirsty, super high revving rotary.

I would kiiiiiilllllllll for a twin turbo RX7 successor, but when even ford is giving us a GT hypercar with a V6 ecoboost engine, there's just no way that mazda is gonna step back in time 15-20 years and show up to the autoshow with a thirsty, twin turbo rotary rocket ship when the sales numbers they really need are coming from fuel efficiency. what they're doing right now is absolutely the smartest from a business sense. that new speed3 is an absolute beast. they're proving that they're building a truly world class engine, and can do it with as little fuel as possible, and rubbing it in subaru's face as they do so.

that's not to say they couldn't come up with a way to make the rotary highly efficient, its just that the nature of the engine is very thirsty, and the insane RPMs are not the best for reliability (something a lot of RX8 guys know all too well).

at the end of the day, it just makes the RX7 that much more special. same reason the supra and the R34 skyline are legendary. they may end up with "replacements", but there will never ever be anything like those originals ever again.

Originally Posted by DukeDeRox

It won't feel right buying a new car if it's not a wankel. I'm hoping Mazda doesn't go through a long boring phase like Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi did. Well, Mitsubishi just entered another one I suppose.

I think Mazda is one of the few companies that hates "boring" as much as car enthusiasts do, which is why they get so much love from this thread. the 3 and 6 are the sportiest cars in their segments, without question, even their crossovers are about as "fun" to drive as anything short of a Porsche Macan S will ever be.

I like to think that toyota is coming out of its boring phase. their lineup as it stands right now is not particularly exciting, but that FT-1 promises big things, and Lexus has been making some seriously cool stuff in the past few years.

Honda I'm on the fence about. they just officially revealed the NSX, and its cool and sure to be astonishingly quick, and that civic Type R is seriously badass, but the rest of the lineup (especially acura) is dreadfully boring.

Mitsubishi cancelling the Evo is depressing, but its not like thats what signalled the start of their boring phase. mitsubishi has been boring for like a decade and a half now. other than the evo, everything they make is boring, unadventurous, and vanilla. safe, good value, well built, reliable, sure. but boring as all hell.

(this was a really long post. I get passionate about old skool japanese sports cars. I really miss the good ol' days of i6s, rotaries, madness, and twin turbos)
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It really is sad that those days won't return but at the same time it's nice to see the baton passed on to newer technology. The video is sort of sad to watch when it becomes plain to see that times have changed.

I'm hoping Mazda's new tech propels them further into the base consumer market. Take a bite out of the market who would have bought an Accord or Corolla or Malibu. One of my friends just bought a new 3 and it surprised me how nice it is. Then there's my dad who's owned 3 Acuras and thinks the new line up is cookie cutter. We went to look at cars and even a newer Hyundai sedan was nicer and more unique. But I really do think there's more competition coming in the sports car market. Especially now that both the big and small companies are finding ways to sip fuel and still pull decent tq and hp numbers.

Even if there isn't a new RX by 2020, I'm sure there will be a lot to look forward to. It is sad that I missed out on the era that brought so many historic cars. But I'm happy with my oil sipping, gas guzzling RX-8. I'd love to keep it forever if there's never a new rotary. Get a second fun car to put some miles on that gets better MPGs and more reliable.

I may only be 25, but I love me some GTR/Supra/RX7/NSX/S2000 action of the 90s-00s saga so I'm cool with reading long posts and watching videos about it
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