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So christmas of this year is coming up you guys. Before you guys get hammered on eggnog and rum, maybe we should finish this up, eh?
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This week's super busy, but maybe this weekend I'll refine my sections. They could use a little polish. I'm not doing anything for Halloween anyway.
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Hi I've just signed up and need some help understanding all the different tabs with the bass e.g.. 3 with a line under, 1/2 line, with a dot, witha lick is there a legend/list of all the differnet ones. Cheers stu
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I'm a guitar player, not a bassist but I'm going to buy a used bass (for now it seems it's going to be a Hohner B-Bass 4).

Question regarding strings: I'm looking for strings that will last a long time. I do not intend to cook the strings or soak them in anything. As for sound, I'm looking for something less bright.
Which strings to choose?

I'm using Elixir now on my solo guitar but looking at the price of Elixir's bass strings I was "whoa that's crazy". Daddario and Ernie Ball are about half the price of Elixir.
Will the Elixir strings last that much longer?
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You have to remember that guitar strings and bass strings are worlds apart because of how thick bass strings are. Bass strings last a good, long time. Some bassists are so taken with the sound of brand-new bass strings (and they have endorsement deals with a string company, so they get them for free) that they change their strings after every gig. John Entwistle used to say that he would change his strings mid-way through a concert if he could. But these people are the exceptions.

Elixirs last a very long time, as that is what the coating is supposed to do: keep the string from corroding due to dirt and oils from your fingers. Personally, I've left GHS Boomers on some basses for months, and they sound just fine to me.

I know Eddie Van Halen got a lot of guitarists started on the "boil your strings" thing, but it isn't practical for a bass. For one thing, unless it has string-through capstan tuning keys on it, you're going to have to cut the string to get it to fit in the capstan hole. If you remove such strings, you will not have much left at the far end to play with when you try to put them back onto your bass.

Any good string brand should last plenty long, unless you play like a maniac and your bass has stainless steel frets. Personally, I have found that the nickel-plated bass strings last longer than the stainless steel strings. If you like the coated strings, there are a bunch of different bass strings with coatings: Elixir, Dunlop, Cleartone, DR, etc. See whioch one suits you best.
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FatalGear41 knows the ways of the obscure. I hear it's just not with Gibsons. Beware, Halloween approaches...

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