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Originally Posted by due 07
i'm sensitive about this because my little sister is adopted and the way it [the fact of adoption] was treated really ****ed her up and caused pretty significant issues of insecurity and self-esteem. she's the coolest person on the planet, and i don't want to any other cool adopted little girls to have to grow up in a culture that tells them they ought to view their adoption through the lenses of secrecy and shame.

OK, I gotcha.

How did your parents let her know? If you don't mind me asking that is.....

I honestly didn't know there was much shame and stuff regarding adoption. I think everyone I've met who knew they were adopted, knew from the time they were a young child.
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Originally Posted by WCPhils
A 20 something would have to be pretty ******ed to not realize they look nothing like their parents. lol

If I hadn't been told it very frequently my entire life, I wouldn't have considered that I look like my dad.

Originally Posted by zdh
What possible benefit could come from telling someone they're adopted? Unless it becomes medically relevant to reveal that information, keep it to yourself.

Someone ought to have the right to know where they stand in the family.
Originally Posted by beadhangingOne
What happened to Snake?




Originally Posted by TunerAddict
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Originally Posted by sashki
"Hey son kid, you're adopted. Your real parents are irresponsible and never loved you. To us, you're a complete stranger who leeches off our time and money. Don't you ever forget that."

Because everyone who is adopted had irresponsible parents.

No adopted children's parents are dead at all or anything. They're all just prom night dumpster babies right? Or no child is officially adopted by a step-parent who was already treating like their own flesh and blood. Nah. We're all just bastards whose parents didn't want them.
Originally Posted by barden1069
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I'd tell them as soon as they can understand what it means. I can't see any good coming from keeping it a secret until later on.
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I don't think you should be expected to. I think defining 'family' by sharing genes is lame and pretty 20th century.
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