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Originally Posted by AxSilentxLine
Here's one of mine, i'd appreciate any feedback people have!


In terms of tonal reference I am going for something along the lines of issuesIssues

That is a pretty good song you have there. Needs some work but I'm a fan of issues and would listen to your music if the vocals turn out decent

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Bump, haha seriously someone please crit this mix.


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What do I do to make it better? I'm not saying how do I make it sound like Periphery, that's just the song I decided to do because I just got a 7 string so why not? I recorded directly into my DAW using POD Farm, for guitar and bass, drums are Superior Drummer 2.0, I did try out quad tracking, and for bass I have to tracks, ones a cleaner track that is compressed a lot, and the second track is super distorted, and then blended together. There's an EQ on the guitar and bass too, which compression on the master track.
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Originally Posted by crazysam23_Atax
May I ask how you go the synth effects? Those were cool!

They're simply tweaked(not much) presets in reFX Nexus. It's a hell of a plugin for this type of stuff.
Thanks for the feedback guys, I really needed to polish my lead sound but rushed the rendering because I couldn't figure out what to do with it anyway. I'm gonna try with some reverb and delay, also play with the snare and toms. Thanks for that and thanks for taking the time!
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We're MEANING OF THE CORPSE, Deathcore band from Fukuoka, Japan.
Please crit my mix especially for better guitar sound.
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Hi Golmont, I didn't take a very hard listen but I would say your guitar tone is fine, however you have some real problems with your cymbols.

Check out this chart

Way to much "Clank"

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There's your answer
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I'll do some crits when I get back from work and working out. I download the weekly tracks from http://weathervanemusic.org/shakingthrough to practice mixing.

Here's one of my favorite mixes that I've done:


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Hey guys, haven't posted here in a while as I have been busy with my course.

I am a masters student studying Music Engineering and Production, and for my major project I am recording, mixing and producing a progressive metal album of my own material.

I won't go into any detail about what processes I have applied or what recording techniques I used as I want any feedback to be from a 'clean slate' perspective.

I am happy to share any techniques I used if asked, but I will keep this initial post free from detailed information.

I am looking for feedback on the mix as a whole, but also specific instruments. The work I have done on this track I think is by far my best work I have ever done, although I am sure there is still room for improvement.

Musically and sonically the album was influenced by a variety of bands including Dream Theater, Between the Buried and Me, Protest The Hero, Periphery, Ozric Tentacles, Coheed & Cambria and various other progressive metal and rock bands.

And finally, the track is unmastered, just mixed.

Here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/offlx67ku...20%28WIP%29.mp3

Thanks in advance for any feedback, I can give some feedback to your mix if you like as well.
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Will give a crit later on, when I'm done with work.


Now working on my upcoming EP "Discarnate". See the expected track list on my bandcamp.

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So here's a demo of a song I'm working on for my band's first EP.
Guitars and bass are done with EZ mix I believe, but don't quote me on that. Drums are EZ Drummer with Metal Machine. Synths are a combination of Sample Tank 2.5, SampleMoog, and SampleTron. I used T-Racks 3 plugins on most channels for EQ, as well as on the master for comp/eq/limiting.
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looking for any general improvements
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