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Weekly Technique Lesson #4

Hey all,

It's that time of the week again for another technique lesson. Last week we did
tapping and that's been moved to the archive forum here:

This week we'll do a technique/style that's covered a lot on the Internet, but
is always touched on very lightly. Full of musical terms and breif explanations
with hardly any practical excercises in sight. The technique we're going to be
covering is a favourite of musicians such as Hendrix and Satriani. This technique
is legato.

For those unfamiliar with the term, learn your theory! >=|

Alright alright we'll define it here. Legato means to play smoothly, so that
each note contains no pause between them. This is accomplished on a string instrument
using slurs (wich we defined last week as being hammer ons and pull offs) and slides.
One of the best examples of heavy use of legato on guitar is the song "Flying In a
Blue Dream" by Joe Satriani.

We'll start of extremely simple for the first example. We'll play the C major scale in
D|-----------------9/10-- A|---------8h10h12------- E|-8h10h12---------------

The we can go back
D|-10p9p7------------------- A|--------10p8p7------------ E|---------------10p8p7/8---
As with any excersise play it slow and work your way up. You want each note to be smooth
and clear.

That's the basic idea behind legato on the guitar right there. We'll do several more excercises
to get the feel of some of the things we can do.

We don't have to do triplets. Here's an example of quadruplets and quintuplets:
E|-----------------------------------------------------------------10h12p13p12p10--12h13h15h17~~~~ B|-------------------------------------------------10h12h13p12p10--------------------------------- G|------------------------------------9h10h12p10p9------------------------------------------------ D|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A|----------5h7h8p7--7h8h10p8p7-/12--------------------------------------------------------------- E|-5h7h8h10---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Here we'll ascend and decend the A minor scale keeping close to the 5th fret of the neck.
E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ B|-------------------------5h6h8-6h8h10~~~~---10p8p6-8p6p5---------------------------- G|-------------------4h5h7---------------------------------7p5p4---------------------- D|-------------3h5h7---------------------------------------------7p5p3---------------- A|-------5h7h8---------------------------------------------------------7p5p3---------- E|-5h7h8---------------------------------------------------------------------7p5p3-/5-
Or we can dance and go crazy in the scale all over the neck of the guitar of every string. The following looks hard but it's just a matter of remembering the notes and knowing your scale well. Once you play it a few times and have it memorized you'll be flying. This
is also A minor (Aeolian):
E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------10h12h13-- G|----------------------------------------------------7h9h10---------9h10h12----------- D|---------------------------------------------7h9h10--------9h10h12------------------- A|-------------------3h5h7-5h7h8--------7h8h10----------------------------------------- E|-1h3h5-3h5h7-5h7h8-------------7h8h10------------------------------------------------ E|-10h12h13----------12h13h15-17~~~~~~ B|----------12h13h15------------------ G|------------------------------------ D|------------------------------------ A|------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------
Then back down:
E|-17p15p13----------15p13p12------------------------------------------------------------- B|----------17p15p13----------15p13p12---------------------------------------------------- G|-------------------------------------14p12p10----------12p10p9-------------------------- D|----------------------------------------------14p12p10---------12p10p9------------------ A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------12p10p8---------- E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------12p10p8- E|------------------------------------------ B|------------------------------------------ G|------------------------------------------ D|------------------------------------------ A|-10p8p7--------7p5p3-------5p3p2---------- E|--------10p8p7-------7p5p3--------5p30-/5-
This last example is short but still the hardest. It uses a combination of hammer ons, pull offs,
slides and a harmonic to add a nice touch at the end. It was donated to me in the chat by casualty01
as I was discussing this week's lesson.
E|-8p7p5---------------------------------------------------- B|-------8p6p5\3/5h6h8p6p5---------------------------------- G|-------------------------7p5p4\2h4h5p4p2------------------ D|-----------------------------------------5---------------- A|-------------------------------------------5p3p2p0-t24*---
Since the very last note is a harmonic you don't need to have 24 frets to play it. Just
let the open A string ring and tap on the string very lightly above your neck pickup
where the 24th fret would be to turn it into a harmonic two octaves higher than the note
you're playing.

This concludes this week's lesson. From here just practice doing slurs all over the guitar.
Go up and down scales and write your own legato riffs.

Until next week,

Garett Spencley - RAW
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