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(C4C) New Punk/Rock Song - Get To Me

We've spent the past few weeks demoing new songs, and this is the first one we've finished up. What does everyone think?


Crit for crit, of course.
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aaron aardvark
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Interesting intro. Vocals are good (reminds me a bit of Shirley Manson), so are the guitar riffs! Some good lead guitar wouldn't hurt. Nice song! Please review my music at this link:

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Vocals remind me a bit of like Autoclave and Pretty Girls Make Graves. Song doesn't sound too full which probably has to do with the mix, most of it just sounds like its in the back besides the vocals for some parts. I liked the riff that was coming out of the right speaker.
Song was pretty short, but most punk songs are. I think you should add another section or something just for some variety though and that would help keep the song interesting.

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I like the song, arrangement is pretty straight-forward and really fitting to the genre, I also think that this recording could be good for an original version with a better mix. Performance is really good, but this mix feels a little muddy at times, especially in the guitars, they feel a little dull and are a little low to me. The riff on the song kinda makes me think about The Stooges (heard the song TV eye?) which could actually gain a lot more attack if you have the possibility to dub it with a single coil or P90 equipped guitar. The drums tend to feel a little dull overtime to me as well, and there is a bit of noise that sometimes bothers me a little bit.

The main thing I suggest you to experiment with are frequencies and compression on your tracks, this guide might help:


I also would suggest you to keep a few reference recordings in mind, a sound of a band you like or something that you think would sound good with what you do. Out of the blue, I think something like this below could work really good with this type of songs

chunky mid-rangy guitars, tight drums with a rather dirty feel and loud vocals with vintage reverb and delay effects and a bit of natural overdrive.
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The sounds lacked a bit clarity, drums could be a bit louder. Otherwise I think it works pretty well as a song. Simple straight forward rock. But yeah, it would sound a lot more powerful and "rocking" if the sounds were better.
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Thanks for the crit man!
This song has a nice rock vibe, everything really works nicely together.
It could be a little longer though with maybe a small bridge thrown in or a little guitar solo.
Production could be better as well, just try getting all the guitars, bass and vocals into a line-in on a laptop or something and that will already improve the overall thing alot, but yea recording drums will allways be hard.
Nice song though definately has potential!
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I think, as mentioned before, the mix is a bit off. I think it will sound brilliant with a bit of tampering. Also, agree on the bridge idea. Just needs something extra in there. Maybe some lead guitar or as the bridge idea?

On the whole, solid song! I think it could be quite interesting to see a reworked version.

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Nice song, I like the progression and the vocal style but the guitar tone is a little muffled to me but just enough to add to the feel of the song.

Crit mine?
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I get a little Ramones, 80-90's punk rock vibe from this song. Is that what you're trying to get? I like the riff actually, it got me LSS'ed. the intro could be better tho in my opinion, the static was abrupt and could be improved by tinkering.

all in all, I like the song man/woman/awesome person.

crit for crit?

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The intro could be improved. The vocals were great but I couldn't make out all the lyrics. The guitars were catchy. The song was very straightforward and I wish it had more dynamics, rather than staying at the same level for the whole duration. The drums were really boring to listen to.
I'd prefer more clarity in the mix but it gives a live vibe as it is.
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