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Originally Posted by thasnazzle
See title. I've been playing for ~10 years but just recently decided to get serious about learning more technique and theory. I don't use a pick and find them really awkward. I've always been fine fingerpicking. Am I missing out? Is there any reason you REALLY need a pick?

Sound ALWAYS comes first.You just have to ask yourself some simple questions."What i wanna play" "Which sound i like" Why i like this sound" and finally"What is the best way to reproduce this sound". Depending on the answers that ll lead you to choose the right technique .

Its quite easy actually.Its easy to find out that you cant play Malmsteen without a pick for example.Forget about it.On the other hand fingerpicking is quite a favorable technique for blues playing and in that case choosing is something you can do.Fast alternate picked licks with distortion recreated by fingers? No way.You can pheudo-legato your way out but its not the same.

Conlusion.You are not choosing the technique, the technique chooses you from the moment you know what you want to play.Sometimes you have an option(like the blues case) sometimes you dont(like the YJM example).You find what you need and do the work ....
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I rarely play without one. But they are by no means necessary. Nothing really is. If you have some technique for whatever that works well for you, more power to you.
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Jeff Beck doesn't use one. It just won't give you as much attack. Not very useful for a metal sound.
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It really depends on what you want to do. Although there are exceptions, nearly all great rock/metal players use picks. A pick does allow you to achieve fast speeds, and some techniques, that wouldn't be possible with fingers.

One thing to say is that if you do decide to try it, be sure to give it a try for a sustained period of time, ie not just a couple of days. Like any new technique, it can be tempting to think 'it's not for me' before you've really had a chance to get used to it.
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I mostly use pick, but I also practice fingerpicking.

Only thing I will say, and I think most of you guys will agree, is that knowing both can't be bad.

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Hybrid picking is a good idea (Especially if you gain control over your fingers) or if you have seen Steve Vai's Building The Church, he plays a tapping intro without holding the pick. He keeps it in his mouth.

Another example, Buckethead's Backyard Solo, He keeps a pick holder attached to his guitar so he can swap between pick and fingers.

At the very least get accustomed with using a pick. You never know when you'll need one
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Originally Posted by tukk04
No you dipshit, it's just another tool you can utilize if you want.

If you can do something without a tool, then it's not necessary, pretty obvious to anyone with common sense.

Just because it's not necessary doesn't mean it's not helpful.
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It mostly comes down to what you want to play. If you can play anything you want to be able to play using only fingerstyle, by all means, go for it.
As many people point out, there are some sounds and techniques you just can't pull off without a pick.

Yes, Jeff Beck is a guitar genius, and that's why I quoted him in my first post in the thread. However, I am sure he's pretty damn good with a pick still. That's what he started with before he threw them away in favour of using his fingers.
It's okay to disregard a technique if it doesn't benefit you, but if you disregard it because it feels awkward and is hard - that's just being lazy.
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