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Originally Posted by Alucard817
I think at one time the bullets might have been made out of basswood, or some other inexpensive solid wood.

The Bullets have been, and still are, made out of Basswood. At no point were they made out of MDF or particle board. The only Squier that wasn't made out of hardwood were Korean Squier IIs, which were made out of plywood in the late 80s/early 90s.
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.


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Originally Posted by kangaxxter
The Bullets have been, and still are, made out of Basswood. At no point were they made out of MDF or particle board. The only Squier that wasn't made out of hardwood were Korean Squier IIs, which were made out of plywood in the late 80s/early 90s.

Third post down. Shows the plys
Originally Posted by FatalGear41
In the end, the only question is: what bass would Jesus play?

I think he's a Fender Jazz guy.
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** didnt you said that the epiphone only buzz when unplugged and doesnt buzz form the amp .??? well it can be normal to have buzz when playing a guitar unplugged , if it doesnt buzz from the amp ... then its not fret buzz , its only that your action is low .

higher end guitar have better fret job usually so your less likely to have fret buzz when playing low action from a 2000 $ than a 200 $ ... the hardware quaity ( nut , bridge , tailpiece etc .. help a lot also .

the les paul vs strat are 2 different guitar . the scale , the bridge , the feeling of the guitar are so different that you cant say one is better than another , my first guitar was a strat hss u.s ... i always thought i was stratocaster .. i couldnt play with les paul style guitar turn out after having a les paul for 8 month .. it feel way better than a strat for my small hands . i love the 24,7 scale , the bridge position . so ill ended up selling my strat , i just doent like 25.5 scale ans strat style guitar anymore .

** last point :; guitar is personal .. if it feels right for you than it doesnt matter how expensive it is . i found the holy grail of guitar with a 599 $ Agile les paul copy . this guitar was built perfect for me .i havent tried a guitar that felt more right to me than this guitar .

we could talk and argue for day about the craftmanship and quality of a guitar .. if you 200 $ guitar feels and sound right to you .. than stick with it .

but usually .. higher end guitar blow away any cheaper , low end guitar .
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Setup is going to have a huge effect on the feel of the guitar, as has been stated. Many low and low-mid line guitars have fret issues right out of the box, and can benefit greatly from a proper fret level and crown. I have only ever bought two new guitars, and both of these suffered from horrible fret buzz at anything close to an acceptably low action. One was stolen before I could do anything to help it, the other I own to this day, and with some fret work and a pickup swap she plays and sounds great.

I own guitars that walk all over the traditional Strat and LP lines, such as a TOM equipped 25.5" scale neck-thru and a bolt-on 24.75" scale FR equipped example. I can honestly say that I have never found a night/day difference in feel going from one type to the other, and that the biggest difference that I have found in feel from one guitar to the next is almost unerringly in the setup.
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The thing is, you can never go wrong with a Tele. Its been the same design since it first came. It is arguably one of the greatest guitars ever made, so even 'cheap' versions are still pretty cool.

I think everyone needs at least one Tele whether its from fender or rondo. There is also the x-factor, that not all wood was created equally and not all guitars are built equally. You can try several of the exact same guitar models at GC, and some will feel better than others.

I have tried the Fender Standard, Mexi Standard and the Classic Vibe side by side comparison. If you look at the American one, its obvious its made of better parts and looking at its specs its also obvious, but as far as how good it feels in your hands and how good it sounds isn't always as obvious. I mean if you try and do a blind fold test, I bet I couldn't even tell you a solid answer...well I probably could tell the difference between american and not, but I couldn't tell the difference in Mexican or Squier, unless its by its weight.

One guitar isn't going to make you a better player than another guitar, it might make you feel cooler. I have a hypothetical bar that has a minimum, and once above it, I feel your not better off with one or the other, unless of course your gigging or recording etc.. But there is also you experience factor, 6 years isn't always the same 6 years, and LP Standards aren't the most amazing.

For someone like you, I would say go all the way and get something worth your while.
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It was sarcasm...
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Yeah... I've been needing a fat strat all my life.

I just buy what comes my way. I'm a shitty person like that.
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