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Originally posted by tOOl_parabola
Any more suggestions, and RHCP has no slapping in it....except for higher ground.

someone doesn't know **** about RHCP.

Originally posted by RHCP.WA
blackeyed blonde-rhcp
get up and jump-rhcp
skinney swetty man-rhcp
jungle man-rhcp
give it away-rhcp

Give it away isn't slapped
Originally Posted by casualty01
the RIAA can't shut us down, interpol can't shut us down. the U.S. gov't can't shut us down and CERTAINLY not YOU can shut us down.

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Originally Posted by waterproofpie
it's a UtBDan sandwich. Awwww yeah!
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I dont have alot of access to RHCP anyway, sorry if i insulted any fans out there! But, i only have the best of.
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Inkles McGee
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Originally posted by UtBDan
I've never heard Bootsy slap. He's a fingerstyle funk bassist.

that is correct... dan really is magical...

Speak Free by Incubus is one of those songs that almost no one has heard. It has one of the coolest slap lines ever.

EDIT: this is pathetic...

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Originally posted by tOOl_parabola
and is all of that mudvayne song slapped?

Which one? The whole entire verse for Dig is slapped, lots of Prod, and many others. If you want a good Mudvayne song with poppin and slappin, listen to the album L.D. 50. You'll find a good one that you like.
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Just a username
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Test the RHCP:s Cant stop.............................................. .................................................. grate song, grate bass line, really fun to play

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The best place to learn slap is from the masters:

To start out:
Everyday people - Sly and the Family stone It's one note but it gets your feel together
Superstition - Stevie wonder

Once you get better:
Hair-Larry Graham
Get on the Floor - Michael Jackson
Love Games -Level 42
Hot Water - Level 42

I just have to say on a side note, that I rarely slap on any gigs because unless your playing funk music it can sound out of place. So just be aware of that.
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hilikus by incubus
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Thumbs up

You can't go wrong with Primus or Les Claypool in general. His style is all over the place; if you can play a couple of Primus songs, you can play just about anything in terms of technique (groove, dynamics, etc, that is a different story). Check out "The Awakening" for a real challenge. Don't be afraid of things that are extremely challenging, because those songs are what will improve your chops the most.

Larry Graham practically invented slap bass. Definitely check out his band Graham Central Station. There are a couple of his Super Slapping Bass videos on YouTube where he just jams out on a bunch of Graham Central Station songs. Also, he is one funky mother****er.

There is an old funk/jazz band called Pleasure with some great slap lines. Their song "Glide" is classic. Most of their other songs have great slap bass as well, along with most funk from the 70's.
I play guitar in a funky death metal band called Lobotomizer. Listen to our demo here.
I also slap the bass and I'm learning how to tame the sax.
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wow, old thread..

for groove:
Lee Ritenour - Night Rhythms

Luther Vandross - For You to Love (slow slap, but Marcus has amazing feel)

some RHCP slap:
Aeroplane, Tell Me Baby, Naked in the Rain, Stone Cold Bush, Coffee Shop (probably the most difficult slap line Flea wrote)

and some Jamiroquai:
Mr Moon
Travelling without Moving

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Primus - my name is mud
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Spread the Jam - Infectious Grooves

Its pretty simple but great fun!
Check out my band!

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Yo Mr White
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Well, Can't Stop was one of the first songs I learned on bass, It's pretty easy and it sounds good.

Because They're Better Than You

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oh the horror!
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Anyone notice this thread is 6 years old?
"I have suffered for my music and now it's your turn." Neil Innes

Originally Posted by Nutter_101
Don't you mean "Why do we alcoholics keep taking about bass?"?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LHWok-9xhc Yup.
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kanad roy
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If u wanna go a lil heavy... go for the resurgent/ last rise of the fallen king by The arusha accord.....
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moody git
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Originally Posted by anarkee
Anyone notice this thread is 6 years old?

you were saying?
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Originally Posted by UtBDan
I've never heard Bootsy slap. He's a fingerstyle funk bassist.

Yeah it's mostly fingerstyle but he slaps every now and then. I play this song almost exclusively slapping.

Edit: God damn, a double necro...
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I wonder is OP really good at bass by now
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