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Dick Foster
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I didn't say everyone here was a troll but if you're not asked and you jump in with that "only tubes are good" crap when anyone mentions an amp, then in my estimation, you're trolling.

In the case of crappy amps, we should all put pressure on the makers to make better amps. I'm quite sure there are also plenty of tube amps out there that are pure crap too. However, just because they use tubes doesn't automatically classify them as good or even desirable.

Not all solid state amps clip (saturate) either, only poorly designed ones or those built like crap do. Not unless you made it to clip, say up front in a distortion adding (fuzz/overdrive) circuit.

Of course heat is a by product with anything, there is no such thing as 100% efficient but solid state devices don't begin with heat as tubes do. Everything heats as a by product of conduction, even wire heats. However, decent power FETs don't heat nearly as much due to the typically low Ron.

Bipolar gets hotter due to the constant voltage drop so the more current you push though it, naturally the hotter it gets. But if you use good thermal design practice and keep to the datasheet specs, you should be good to go. If you're an engineer, should know that much.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink, but that's no reason to starve the rest of the herd.

In my mind, a good amp should simply amplify and not add anything that you don't intentionally put there. That's the mark of a good amp. Sine in - sine out, fundamental in - fundamental out and nothing else that you don't add. Good or bad, desirable to some or not, distortion is still distortion.

In my estimation what a lot of people hear that they don't like with many modeling amps out there is not due to the amp itself likely the extremely crappy patches that the makers loaded in there. Some of em, most actually, are pretty nasty to even to my old ears. Ewwwww. There were maybe two patches in my Vetta that I could even tolerate without diving in and twiddling. It's some pretty horrible stuff but it can also sound pretty nice with reasonably clean patch.

Originally Posted by R45VT
Buddy not everyone here is a troll.

Some of us do know about FETs and don't care about them in guitar application. Yes they do have their place. I can say nothing sounds as rich as a class A amplifier. There are good SS amps out there, bulk of them are cheap garbage.

Tubes do go bad and sometimes they take a whole piece of the amp with them, the PT, bias circuitry, etc.

Keep in mind SS amps clip, tube have saturation. One is desirable and the other isn't. SS also have heat. Please don't act like they don't. Heat is even more critical in SS one could argue. It all comes down to design and thus not even a fair comparison. Its your biased opinion.

You seem to be intelligent and able to add some other points of views. If you come across as biased as you do then your point turns to a big fat turd no one wants to look at.

TS- go to a guitar store and play a few new ones. Then find used one within your budget. The Vypyr 30 or 60 are great. Try for the 60.

A modeling amp will be the most versatile. Vypyr, Vox whatever, Fender mustang, etc.

Hell you may even find you want a device dedicated more for recording like the POD HD or XT.

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bzzt wrong. a guitar amplifier is supposed to distort.

however for your application, there is no reason whatsoever for you to be even buying guitar amps.

if you believe they aren't supposed to distort then you should be running a hifi amp.

easy peasy.
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For a brief second I thought Soldano and Diezel might be doing it wrong.
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I don't even play guitar.
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Hold on guys, grandpa is still 15 posts behind.
Originally Posted by Cathbard
Originally Posted by Raijouta
Unless its electronic drums.

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*reads thread*


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