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The first step to playing jazz is listening to a lot of jazz. You should be putting in some serious listening time. It helps to listen to older versions of the standards - the older the better, since the newer recordings mangle them up quite a bit.
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Originally Posted by Sickz
Well you´ve gotten lots of great advice in this thread since i last was here, so i am going to contribute to the list of players you might want to check out.

For jazz guitar, these are some of my favorites: Joe Pass, Jody Fisher, Lenny Breau, Barney Kessel, Andreas Öberg, Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall, Pat Martino, Grant Green, Pat Metheny, Aaron Koppel, Adam Rogers, Adrian Ingram, Alessio Menconi, Andrea Massaria, Anthony Wilson, Avi Rothbard, Hal Gaylor, Bobby Broom, Bruce Forman, CHristoph Oeding, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Joe Beck, Erik Söderlind, Larry Koonse, Pat Kelley, Jimmy Bruno, George Van Eps, Ben Monder, Charlie Byrd, Charlie Christian, Chuck Loeb, Dan Adler, Dave Stryker, Doug Raney, George Barnes, Jack Grassel, Jim Mullen, John Abercrombie, John Stein, John Basile, Jonathan Kreisberg, John Stowell, Joshua Breakstone, Mark Elf, Max Schultz.

They all fall under the category of more traditional jazz, i have a fairly large collection of jazz-fusion and gypsy jazz recommendations aswell if you would be interested. Even more if we include other instruments.

Hope you find some of this helpful, you can find all of those i mentioned on spotify.

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Sickz...how could you leave out my favorite player...

Kenny Burrell?


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Originally Posted by Sean0913



Sickz...how could you leave out my favorite player...

Kenny Burrell?



Honest mistake Sean, Kenny is an amazing player!
Fusion and jazz musician, a fan of most music.

Originally Posted by Guthrie Govan
“If you steal from one person it's theft, and if you steal from lots of people it's research”

Originally Posted by Chick Corea
"Only play what you hear. If you don't hear anything, don't play anything."
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Don't limit yourself to listening to jazz guitar players. Many of the best jazz musicians play other instruments.
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As others have said, listen first and find a style of jazz that interests you. Then start digging in. Guitar, sax, trumpet, vocalists and piano players all have something to offer. If you take it seriously you will want a pretty deep chord vocabulary to go along with soloing styles as most jazz artists flow easily between the two. Knowing when to swing and how to sit comfortably behind the beat are part of what makes jazz interesting to me.

Have fun with it.
"Your sound is in your hands as much as anything. It's the way you pick, and the way you hold the guitar, more than it is the amp or the guitar you use." -- Stevie Ray Vaughan
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Originally Posted by RonaldPoe
I know some of you find me annoying but I have a question. You know I'm a Metal head but I decided to take up Jazz guitar. The style and I share a few common goals and interests (tons of theory, scales, improvisation, and overall complexity). I also like to play my guitar bass-style and don't care for big chords. I also believe Metal and Jazz are more similar than you'd think.

Do you guys have any suggestions for a beginner starting Jazz guitar? Are there any arpeggios I should learn? What standards have easy melodies? Where can I learn to improvise better? What about that "swing"?

Also I haven't given up on my tonal experiments, I just put them on hold. When my next one is ready (this one will sound better and perhaps have a new tonality), I will be posting it here. I don't want the obvious and unhelpful advice like "Learn theory", "Learn and analyze some songs", ect. Have a nice day!

Start by listening to it. Get familiar with the tunes. Develop a genuine appreciation for the genre.

When you're ready for it, get a real book….. learn lots of tunes.
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Slapping the bass.
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Originally Posted by RonaldPoe
\I've been having computer problems and couldn't respond for a few days. Anyway I'm looking up lessons and trying to learn a couple standards (I got the notes of the melodies to "Summer Time" and "Fly Me To The Moon). My problem is getting the feel of Jazz and that Swing. Thanks for the suggestions.

To Sickz, nice Guthrie Govan Quote (No really).

Swing is just basically 8ths played as 8th triplets so that the first note is a 4th triplet note and the second note is a 8th triplet note. Of course there are different kinds of swings (heavy swing, light swing) and the faster you play, the straighter your 8ths will be (and that just happens naturally). Just listen to jazz and you'll get the idea.

So, many times when it's notated like two 8ths, you actually play a 4th triplet note and a 8th triplet note. This doesn't apply in all styles (for example bossa nova is straight 8ths). But if you are playing stuff like Fly Me to the Moon or Summertime, you want to play with a swing feel.

You'll get the feel by listening to jazz and replicating what they play on the record.
Originally Posted by AlanHB
Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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Thanks for the advice everyone, Are you guys forgetting some Jazz Virtuoso musicians like John Coultrane, Art Tatum and Buddy Rich (I know he's a drummer but he still counts). Might as well add Yoko Kanno (Amazing composer for Animes like "Cowboy Bebop" and very jazzy). Got any suggestions for good Gypsy Jazz?

Buddy Rich's famous drum-battle with Animal (The Muppets)

Behold, Art Tatum!
"I don't know what you're trying to suggest. There's no shame in taking what you need to hold your position!"

Super Buu (DBZ) on assimilation (it could also apply to blues guitar and guitar soloing in general).
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