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Originally Posted by LeakyFlask
Woah, what? When did that happen?

Late December 2011.

Anyway, I've owned a Dean Time Capsule Cadillac since late 2003, and its still one of my go-to guitars. Definitely worth a look.

Godin makes very good guitars as well, but I'm not sure the aesthetics are what you'd want.

Reverend has a bit more retro styling and korina bodies. I really like their Double Agent (bridge HB and neck P90) and their Reeves Gabrels signature models.

Fernandes has some nice models- I just got a Ravelle Elite this October...LOVING it: Sustainer = Fun!

Richmond Guitars Canada- a subsidiary of Godin- makes a trio of semi-retro styled guitars that deliver a lot of bang for the buck. The Belmont comes with 2 SD Lipsticks and a SD '59 HB in the bridge (Bigsby optional), the Empire can be H/S or 2 P90s, and the Dorchester is their version of a Mosrite...with Lace Alumitones.

Malden has some guitars getting good reviews: the Subhuman is a nice metal machine; the Karma is their take on the LP; the Bad Karma is a slightly more aggressive version of the Karma, the Liquid & Mozak are more like Fender variants, and the Bulldozer is their version of the SG.

Parker looks and feels like nothing else. Light, ergonomic, and with fast necks. Worth a look.

Licea is another maker with their own thing going on. Not only is the shape noticeably different, they body is made of bamboo.
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@JoeFlips Just spotted this on the website and I am in love! Thanks for the link.
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what's so bad about ed roman?

anyway, check out G&L. they make some seriously killer instruments, even their overseas range.
the Godin Velocity series (discontinued) were awesome as well.
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Originally Posted by ihartfood
what's so bad about ed roman?

Because he was a self proclaiming guitar building god who built a better guitar than ANYONE else and his ideas/building style are the only right ways.

Take a look at his web site and read the captions that are on most every paige procaiming how great he is and bad they are.

He did make some great guitars he was just an arogant dick.
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Originally Posted by The Dimery
@JoeFlips Just spotted this on the website and I am in love! Thanks for the link.

Stole the words right out of my mouth. Looks unreal. Can't believe I never heard of Reverend before

Took a look at the G&L range as well, and I'm equally impressed...

It's annoying me how there's no videos of the Tremar Deuce F though, it's still one of the guitars I'm considering the most
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Anyone heard of VGS before? I seen their website and they seems to have some cool designs, but how are they sound-wise?
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Justin L Franks
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Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue!

It looks like a Les Paul on a diet. The guitar is thin and lightweight (comparable to an SG), and has an awesome neck (1960's SlimTaper "D" profile), nice MOP inlays, and Grover tuners. Curiously, it has a 25 1/2" scale length like a Strat or Tele instead of the usual Gibson/Epiphone 24 3/4" scale length.

Its versatility....

The real magic of the Nighthawk is its versatility. There's a mini-humbucker in the neck, a single-coil in the middle, and a slanted humbucker in the bridge. Pickup selector is a Strat-style 5-way blade switch. Both of the humbuckers can be split into a single-coil by pulling up the tone knob.

All this gives you 9 distinct sounds, and each sound very different. You can get Les Paul-like, Stratocaster-like, and Telecaster-like sounds because of all the different ways to choose which pickup(s) to use. Of course these sounds are not perfect replicas of the aforementioned instruments, but you can get pretty damn close. And the Nighthawk has a unique sound of its own as well.

And upgradeability....

The stock pickups get the job done, but there are options available to replace all 3, even the slanted bridge humbucker. Seymour Duncan makes a drop-in 59 and JB slant humbucker, and if the 59 or JB aren't your cup of tea, they can make a drop-in version of any of their humbuckers in the custom shop for not that much more than the production 59's and JB's. People have also had success mounting Stratocaster-sized humbuckers ("F" spacing / Trembucker / etc.) to the slanted mounting plate. Since the string spacing on the Nighthawk is tighter than a Strat, the pickups line up correctly when slanted.

On to looks....

The Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue looks absolutely gorgeous in my opinion. Some people don't like it and call it a "bastardized Les Paul with an identity crisis", but I absolutely love it. The mahogany body and a beautiful AAA flame maple veneer gives great sound and looks. There are 4 available finishes -- Trans Amber, Trans Black, Fireburst, and Honeyburst. My favorites are the Fireburst and the Trans Black. Both are absolutely stunning and it was a very difficult choice, but in the end I went with Fireburst.

And finally, value....

$400 is an amazing value for this guitar. There is no other guitar anywhere near this price that is so unique, so versatile, so beautiful, so playable, and so good-sounding.

Here's mine (Fireburst finish):

(Note: These photos were taken by Sweetwater before I purchased the guitar, so the plastic protective sheets are still on the pickups, truss rod cover, etc.)

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