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Awessum Pawesome
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Originally Posted by axethrower13

Also, mota

eh loco, first i ****ed your mama, now i'm smoking your mota ehhh

i wanna puff puff, some of that dutch stuff!

give me the green green stuff
Originally Posted by Dreadnought
poo-tee-tweet, motherfucker

Originally Posted by jessielee739402
Assume I should on shit I be?
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Hoobie doobie's a good one.
Originally Posted by NosralTserrof
Look at all the stars! **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
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Get back to work
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The devil's lettuce
Whacky baccy
Dope (common term, but i find it funny)
Illegal oregano

These are all when they are in joint form:

Special cigarette
Jazz cigarette

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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not blue
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The Juicer
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In highschool we always called bud Lando Calrissian, if it was purps it was that Mace Windu. This was pretty funny because it just so happens that the dispensary we go to sells that pearl errl wax. I called my friend once to see what was up and asked if he wanted me to bring any Lando Calrissian over and he answered laughing say "naw man we got that james errl jones over here" and we proceeded to become one with the force.
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Nothing is good.
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Boodah is what I've heard many a time.
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You Can Be A Swanson
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"Slang" would be the ultimate slang word.

What is ganja? It's just slang.
Originally Posted by Trowzaa
I wish I was American.

~ A Rolling Potato Gathers No Moss ~
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Rumble on
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Racing Tobacco
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Don't do drugs its bad for you and me good thing we are responsible citizens with decent old fashioned christian values and are aware of the long lasting health effects and legal reprecussions.

Best name eva
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Mostly landscapes
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Originally Posted by Good_Lord
Racing Tobacco

Phase I: Electric Velvet CottonCandy

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Originally Posted by Burgery
if that means what i think it does

It's just that fellow's middle name.
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i say tree or bud. bay area 420 smoke weed erryday
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Wot's... Uh
the Deal?
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I like poking smot.
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