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Easiest Songs for Pinch Harmonics

What songs are the easiest for you to use pinch harmonics on? Also, how did you learn your pinch harmonics? By accident? Through a specific song?

The song for me that's easiest is Victim Of Changes by Judas Priest and Rust In Peace...Polaris by Megadeth. I also learned by accident one day when playing a song that i had written differently.
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There aren't any pinches in Rust in peace.. Polaris to my knowledge ?
And most of the time, pinch harmonics are equal in difficulty.
Still, a really easy one would be the pinch in the intro solo to DT's count of tuscany, if that's what you're looking for ..
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The song for me was Unholy Confessions - yeah it only appears like 4 times in the whole song but whatever. I started by arbitrarily pinching the string and hoping lol, but playing fingerstyle classiscal guitar actually help me to find the harmonic node thingies and I just taught myself to hit them with a pick better and make 'em squeal
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Originally Posted by My Last Words
There aren't any pinches in Rust in peace.. Polaris to my knowledge ?
And most of the time, pinch harmonics are equal in difficulty.
Still, a really easy one would be the pinch in the intro solo to DT's count of tuscany, if that's what you're looking for ..

The part after the last verse there is. I also like to incorporate my own pinch harmonics too.
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I had shitty technique where I was hitting downstrokes while my thumb was placed behind the pick - I just seemed to make those annoying high-pitched screams which I couldn't get rid of, all the time.
Took me awhile to realize what was I doing...

Also, try doing some Slipknot stuff, they have some sick harmonics in several songs...
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Aw yeah.

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What I did to learn pinch harmonics is just take a riff that I was familiar with and start doing some pinches in it instead of the real note. For instance this:
e|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------2----------------------- A|-------4-----5-----4-----0-0-0-4-0-0-5-0-0-4-0-0-2-2-2-4-2-2-5-2-2-4-2-2---2-2-5-2-2-4-2-2-5-2-2- E|-3-3-3---3-3---3-3---3-3-------------------------------------------------------------------------

I would play this:
e|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------2--------------------------- A|-------4*-----5*-----4*-----0-0-0-4*-0-0-5*-0-0-4*-0-0-2-2-2-4*-2-2-5*-2-2-4*-2-2---2-2-5*-2-2-4*-2-2-5*-2-2- E|-3-3-3----3-3----3-3----3-3---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * = a pinch harmonic.

And then after that I played a riff from Deadly Sinners by 3 inches of blood, but with pinches:
e|------------------- B|-------5--\4------- G|-7-5-7---------5--- D|------------------- A|------------------- E|-------------------

e|--------------------- B|-------5*--\4*------- G|-7-5-7-----------5--- D|--------------------- A|--------------------- E|---------------------
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I find the easiest way to get my students practicing pinch harmonics is to incorporate it in improvising. For instance, listen to Nuno Bettencourt, or Tom Quayle's solos, they're littered with pinches, all over the place. The great thing with this is it doesn't matter if the pinches are a bit and miss at first, because there's no riff that demands a pinch on one specific note. Hope that makes sense!
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