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Practicing Scales: which way should I do it?

I don't know if there is a way you are supposed to do this. When practicing Scales vertically (like in a position), you know how you assign each finger to a fret? While some of the five positions stay within those four, others do not. When they do not, do you:

a) shift your hand so that your first finger or fourth finger are not hitting that note, or do you
b) stay within position and just stretch?

As I write this, I can kinda see that it might be a subtle difference if you start doing your scales fast enough.

My roommate was playing his ukulele, which he got a couple of months ago. Sometimes he likes to throw fingers across the fretboard or add his finger to known chords and ask me what chord that is. So he added a finger to his F mjr (2010) and made it (2110). Trying to figure out what chord it was, we looked at it as either being a kind of Amjr or a kind of Fmjr. I think, doing it in my head though, that this chord is both an Fmjr-b6 and an Amjr-b6, and they're both missing their 5th! The notes are A, C#, F, A. Sorry for putting this story in the wrong spot, I hope this interested somebody ahaha.
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Stay in position and stretch will be the way you see most people do it. Shifting your whole hand position takes too much energy and concentration.
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Which position system are you talking about? The CAGED system?

Say in the "A" shape position, the first one on this image -

You'd play through the position finger per fret then shift your hand up a fret for the notes on the B string. For the D shape, similarly you play through and shift back a fret on the D string.

I really don't understand how you've phrased option a but it's definitely not correct to stay in position and stretch.

Regarding your second question, it's an augmented chord. An augmented chord contains a root, major 3rd and augmented 5th (same sound as minor 6th). Interestingly, an A augmented chord and an F augmented chord contain the same notes (although they would be "spelled" differently).

Also, you don't write "mjr" to indicate a major chord. "A" means "A major".
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Joe Tulli
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That chord has A G C E same notes as a Am7. Depends on what key you're in
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^ the chord's not on a guitar.
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Thanks Freepower, that makes sense. That seemed to make the most sense to me! Also thank you for that picture, it's more clear than the positions picture I've been using.
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