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does not rock
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This thread taught me not to anchor, and just recently have become faster uncanhored than when I was anchored

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old skool user.
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Yeah, we need to archive this. Just so UG never forgets me, even when I forget UG.
Originally Posted by corduroyEW
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Originally Posted by Herman-Ri
Or import this thread into the new forum?

That'd be pretty pointless. We now have a whole forum for technique questions...which is what this thread is about! And unfortunally it's a bit too large and un-organised to use a sticky/FAQ thingie...unless someone (or preferably multiple persons) were to summarise/write little articles about frequently asked questions or things they feel should be common knowledge. For example: a quick summarise of pick motions and a big disclaimer noting that they aren't miracles! Or something about anchoring or using the whole arm for picking. If we could get decent articles like that we could link new topics popping up about the same old questions, to that sticky (if those posters somehow managed to miss the sticky, like lots of MT posters seem to do) and we wouldn't end up with a thread where half of the posts are plain stupid, wrong and the other half good, but kinda half-assed because it's been covered so many times.
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Almost a year ago when i first posted in this thread my alt picking speed was a miserable 7 nps. Now my alt picking speed is around 8.6 nps. Thank you technique thread.

Im still progressing like a snail, though. wtf.
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Bob Sacamano
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I've been looking at reworking my right hand. I just don't have the speed I want (which isn't a lot) and don't seem to be improving.

My alternate picking speed is weak. I can play certain licks in 16th notes at 100bpm and can "freely" play in 16th notes at about 80. Above 100bpm it just falls apart.

I watched several videos on YouTube and compared my picking to what I saw. In every case, I noticed that my thumb and index finger hold the pick and the remaining three fingers just stick out and flail around while I pick. Usually, when I see someone else picking even moderatly fast, their fingers are curled into more of a fist. Their fingers don't just hang out there like mine. I have a feeling this may be what is slowing my hand down. Not having them in a loose fist probably creates resistance when alternate picking at higher speeds.

I'm not really talking about anchoring -- my fingers don't touch the guitar, they just hang in the air. Occasionally, I wil "touch-off" a string as a reference point, but I don't keep my fingers grounded to anything.

Does anyone else pick with an open hand? I have been trying it close handed for about an hour and it feels uncomfortable -- and my picking takes big steps back. Do I need totally rebuild my right hand technique beginning with how I hold the pick? Picking like this effects everything. I have always been able to palm mute very easily but with closed fist, it's suddenly very hard. I lose the big part of my hand I use for muting.
Originally Posted by tubab0y
Look at it this way- everyone rags on air guitar here because everyone can play guitar. If we were on a lawn mower forum, air guitar would be okay and they would ridicule air mowing.


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I also pick with an open hand, but I don't have problems picking fast. If I curl my fingers it just doesn't feel good. Maybe it's just the lack of practice. How long have you been practicing your picking? I mean it took almost 4 months for me to get my picking fast.

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In Lane we trust
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I've started curling my fingers rigidly kinda like el Gilberto. It gives my hand a sort of stiffness which makes for that favourable 'bouncy' attack off the strings.

For a long while I used to relax the fingers completely (i.e. Lane) so as to reduce every tiny bit of tension, but that led to them fanning outwards (i.e. Hammett and Lynch) under exertion when I picked faster and harder – and I just loathe that splayed-out fingers look big time. I have this thing about my picking hand looking 'good' whilst playing. If it somehow looks dodgy, I work on fixing it (usually the unused fingers) until it looks the way I want it to. Silly mentality, but it's one of my quirks.
Originally Posted by Marcus "46nps" Paus
I'm playing so fast that the tubes in the amp can't pick up all the notes!
Originally Posted by Slicer666
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So when you pick in rotary, your pick should be moving in a circle (the tip)
and when you're oscillating, it should be kinda going in a curve?

) <---- Like this, with the apex (so to speak) where the pick meets the string)
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