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Doesnt listen to zeppelin
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I just wear what I like. I found a sweet chicago bulls sweater for $12 the other day. I saw a VERY similar one at the United Center for $80 a few days ago. I think it's pretty easy to look nice EVEN if you're on a budget.
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My shoes were 80 and i felt really un-punx buying them.

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The Jackson Guy
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For my everyday wear, I don't care about fashion. Cheap jeans and tshirts do me just fine. And steel toe boots from a warehouse clearance type place that should have been about 90 but I got them for 30.

For smartening up, I'm a bit more interested in suits and the like. I have a victorian sort of style, so I'm always on the lookout for waistcoats, cravats and anything along a similar line.

I also have a thing for long coats. My most recent buy is a genuine Soviet Army greatcoat that was never issued and sat in storage for something like 25 years. Heavy, thick wool, down to below the knee, and it was 25. Bargain. I haven't got my hands on it yet, though, because I had it delivered to my parents' and I haven't been down to visit since.
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isn't French.
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UK users, are charity shops near you any good? I hear all this talk about thrift shopping from the US users, and pop in to my local charity shops, and it's all just rubbish. Tatty suits for tubby men and weirdly coloured shirts.
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Originally Posted by leeb rocks
I guess that does technically make you the Che to my Fidel if it makes you feel better

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Originally Posted by Kyleisthename
You just suck and don't know where to find stuff then.
I find stuff with the tags still on them at the places around my house, Name brand.
Takes like 30 minutes to go to 4 thrift stores around my area.

Plus, I've made a killing buying videogame stuff and music equipment while looking for clothes.

PS. Every piece of clothing has a brand, and all brands have names. Go figure.

I mean decent brands. I don't really know how to say that without coming across as a snob, so I'll do just that. The best brand I've found at a thrift store was an American Eagle shirt, which isn't saying much, and even that looked like it was from their clearance section.
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You mean brands that only snobs would care if you were wearing?
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Originally Posted by Kyleisthename
You mean brands that only snobs would care if you were wearing?
You clearly know nothing about quality of clothing. My stuff barely has any logos. You wouldn't even be able to tell.
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Is Joel Foreskinner
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Originally Posted by FireFromTheVoid
Andrea love the D



PSN: barbwireroses
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Originally Posted by WCPhils
How the hell do you wear Chucks for athletic training? THey have almost no support at all. You might as well wear flip-flops


ok, instead of being a total cheeky ****, I will explain: chucks are very popular shoes with powerlifters, the thin and flat sole is perfect for back squats and deadlifts. The idea is to get as close to barefoot as possible, but many gyms frown upon deadlifting with in your socks....

there are better, more specialized shoes for different types of weightlifting, but chucks are just kind of a "staple" I guess because you can find them anywhere, and chances are a beginner would already own a pair.

For running, jumping, olympic weightlifting, blah blah blah, then yeah, chucks are usually not considered to be optimal. However, I did hit my biggest box jump (51+ inches) in chucks, and trained my Clean+Jerk/ Snatch in chucks without a problem. I do own a pair of Nike Free's, but for balance and strength, my beaten up, run over (I literally had my foot run over by a car in them years ago) chucks have served me the best.

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julian wells
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anyone posting thrift shop can die b/c that song is pure shit.
and everyone else that hates fashion (cept the crust people cause crust is cool) are probably only on UG to kill time while they wait for their next old navy catalogue to come in the mail
you're a stone fox
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