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so very radical
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bought some discworld novels today, Mort and Reaper Man
Originally Posted by Eastwinn
poop tastes good
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Never had this before
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I read Mort at the beginning of summer. It's a nice, charming read. Can only take Pratchett in small doses though.
Originally Posted by Well.......
That reminds me of one of my favorite films No Country For Altman.
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dreamy dancer
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that sounds wonderful steve, i think i was gonna read Stoner next though if my library has it, anyone read it? that or Dubliners probably

Originally Posted by WhiskeyFace
I think that, and what I mentioned too, is why Kafka could be taught to younger kids. I think they could really get it, and he's not gay like Shakespeare so they wouldn't be embarrassed about liking him. I also think they would pickup on a lot of the humour.

yeah kids would definitely get it i think. to me it even reminded me of Alice in Wonderland at times, as if disney could adapt a slightly less dark version in a similar way


Originally Posted by NirvanaLuvr16
I didn't know there were black people in the UK, until recently

Originally Posted by MusicLord16
BOB 1. ur 20 and two u like evil things and idk if u worship the devil
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Originally Posted by WhiskeyFace
he's not gay like Shakespeare

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Some quotes from The Mountains of California because it's the best

"This is a glacier meadow. It is about a mile and a half long by a quarter of a mile wide. The trees come pressing forward all around in close serried ranks, planting their feet exactly on its margin, and holding themselves erect, strict and orderly like soldiers on parade; thus bounding the meadow with exquisite precision, yet with free curving lines such as Nature alone can draw. With inexpressible delight you wade out into the grassy sun-lake, feeling yourself contained in one of Nature's most sacred chambers, withdrawn from the sterner influences of of the mountains, secure from all intrusion, secure from yourself, free in the universal beauty. Ant notwithstanding the scene is so impressively spiritual, and you seem dissolved in it yet everything about you is beating with warm, terrestrial, human love and life delightfully substantial and familiar."

"Thus come and go the bright sun-days of autumn, not a cloud in the sky, week after week until near December. Then comes a sudden change. Clouds of a peculiar aspect with a slow, crawling gait gather and grow in the azure, throwing out satiny fringes, and becoming gradually darker until every lake-like rift and opening is closed and the whole bent firmament is obscured in equal structureless gloom. Then comes the snow, for the clouds are ripe, the meadows of the sky are in bloom, and shed their radiant blossoms like an orchard in the spring. Lightly, lightly they lodge in the brown grasses and in the tasseled needles of the pines, falling hour after hour, day after day, silently, lovingly, ---all the winds hushed, -- glancing and circling hither, thither, glinting against one another, rays interlocking in flakes as large as daisies; and then the dry grasses, and the trees, and the stones are all equally abloom again."
But we little know until tried how much of the uncontrollable there is in us, urging across glaciers and torrents, and up dangerous heights, let the judgment forbid as it may.
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dip i dip u dip dip i dip
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Originally Posted by WhiskeyFace
Plainness is one of the main qualities of "kafkaesque". People approach his works expecting the Kafka of the billboards and bullet-points where everything is just fked up all the time. There's a reason he's described more as "nightmarish" as opposed to surreal: the strangeness in his stories are not just weird but they stick out against a dry backdrop and are depicted in a very non-judgmental objective manner.

the term "kafkaesque" begets the question "which kafka?" because all of his works are distinguishably different in tone and style. i think it can be more readily applied to the castle and less to the trial and metamorphosis -- i don't believe there is a typical kafka in that regard, at least. if we were to talk about being trapped or about bureaucracy there would eb
| ( ◡)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
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To Live Is To Die
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I've been meaning to ask this for awhile but kept forgetting. I'm reading a collection of Edgar Allen Poe and some names and dates are dashed out. For instance there will be a poem called 'To G____ or July 18___. Anyone know why this is?
Originally Posted by Thrill-house
You like Lamb of God, so you're awesome.

Originally Posted by Dopemgs

P.S: You like Lamb of God, so you're awesome

Originally Posted by PsiGuy60
PS. To Conor:
You like Lamb of God, so you're awesome.
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A techno beat
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^ Redacted for security reasons. Little known fact: Poe was with the NSA.

Anyway, anyone know where I should get started with Bertolt Brecht? I'm loving Dubliners btw. I feel like his stories sort of end two pages before they should. He's very odd.
Originally Posted by sickman411
We're all the best except for Ali.

Originally Posted by deadsmileyface
yeah russia is pretty shit

Originally Posted by Veronicuh
This is extremely serious.
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