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Originally Posted by Chad48309
Alright, no one seems to get it, so I'm going to break it down for you: money. The price of any of the X series guitars is grossly inflated. Why on earth would you pay $450 for a fake guitar. Yes, it's a fake guitar, because it has no other purpose than to inflate Martin's name for an arm and a leg.

Honestly, it's just despicable. It makes Gibson acoustics look like the Salvation-****ing-Army.

It's pretty shameless indeed.
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I remember watching a tour of the Martin factory where Chris Martin was showing people around the factory. He got to the area with all the grey slabs of HPL and he said "And this is where we have the HPL for our X Series guitars. We . . . we don't like to call it drywall."

The problem with "HPL" is that it isn't like other laminates. It's this recycled paper crap that's pressed into grey blocks of ****, then they apply a big sticker that looks like woodgrain. That's petty. I mean, that's really petty. At least the laminate on my Seagull is actually a piece of Cherry and a piece of Maple that've been glued and pressed together. It's actually wood.
Sincerely, Chad.
Originally Posted by LP Addict
LP doesnt have to stand for les paul.. it can stand for.... lesbian porn.
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WOW ! havnt been here a while, seems like a huge debate over the Martin X guitars......I too did some investigating and was told that they were basicly made from the waste/sawdust of the other Martins that are made. Mr Martin himself was touring the factory and asked what was done with all the saw dust, he was told it went to a hardwood flooring company where they made floor panels from it.......so thats how the idea of making guitars from it came about....................anyways....I did not buy the Martin,instead i bought a Takamine EAN76 with hard case. A great sounding guitar at half price. Had it a couple months now and Im loving it.
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hey, i just stumbled on your thread here. glad you like your Takamine. i've got a dealer around the corner, they make a nice guitar at an affordable price.

as for the Martin. (and i know the discussion is old) but, i think it's gotten a bit of a bad rap here. i bought my 000cxae years ago. maybe 5 years, i can't remember.

i LOVE that guitar. it's the easiest acoustic i've ever played. i love how, when i pick it up, it always feels the same. (i've got so many guitars, they are always in need of tweaking.)

and when i play out with it, I always get complements from other musicians, and these guys have been around a while, and are used to playing pro gear.

Sure, initially, the "idea" of laminated guitar was a turn off for me, but then i played it. Martin made me a believer.

anyway, congrats

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Set up Questions? ...Q & A Thread

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I own the HPL acoustic and have left it outside and nothing has happened to it and the tone is great.

It wont happen overnight but if not properly humidified it will happen.
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ok so my friend brought over his dx1 yesterday and it played so DULL .. he was loving it but i thought it would of had been better .. my fg730s sounds better than it .. but i was comparing it with my masterbilt so maybe thats y it sounds so lame ... also i wasnt a fan of the neck .. it looks to funky for my taste .. look wise i really liked it ... but sound and playability i was not a fan .. the other day i was at guitar center and i asked the guy about the dx1 and he said lol (na .. just keep walking .. there recycled crap) just paying for the name .. so who knows
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I just played my X series Martin for the first time in awhile. It's never been off the front porch, which is shady, or out in humid weather. It lives in its OO size Martim case. I've been playing and writing on my 1999 Gibson Hummingbird for some months now. It's a wonderful guitar and gets better as the wood opens up with age. The Martin won't do that, but it sounds good to me. Of my 85 guitars, it's definitely in the top 20. I love the 00 size, so I find it easy to play. It does sound a little different from my wood guitars, Guild, Gibsons, Takamines, a Washburn, etc. but I wouldn't call it plasticky and it sounds nice recorded in a mix. I would like to lower the action just a tad, and none of my tools will reach down the long slot to get to the truss rod, which the literature says it has. I probably wouldn't buy another one, but it's OK for the money ($400 on line). It's real punchy and has good volume throughout the lows, mids, and highs. I guess what I really wanted was a guitar that said Martin.
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I have a custom x Martin, and quite frankly, would kick myself if I bought another one. While I've had no quality issues out of it, the sound is dull and fake. You can easily get a better guitar, cheaper. At most, you'll need a setup. But then, I had to set up this Martin as well.

I'm probably going to take it in and trade it Saturday. There was a acoustic up there under $300 that advertised as solid Mahogany back and sides, that I liked. Can't recall the brand, but it played better, sounded better, and that's what matters.
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