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Originally Posted by Hail
this is also very wrong for a few reasons. the first being that ionian and aeolian are built off of a specific series of conventions similarly to the other modes, alienating them from their counterpart in modern tonal music. however, due to our understanding of cadence in modern music, by default the major or minor will replace the ionian and aeolian in function even in examples wherein the ionian or aeolian are used (unless expressly considered by the composer as an experiment within modality that would bring it into a grey area of intention, i guess)

So what exactly was your point this paragraph? Modes aren't a function to be replaced, there are just an everpresent thing in music.

you're thinking of modal scales rather than what modes actually are, and even in that case modal scales are of very limited use once you know what an accidental is - opening up the option, theoretically, of at any given time utilizing any of the 12 given notes over any piece to some degree, and producing, by your logic, thousands of modes.

Again, you haven't actually said anything in this paragraph. You could reduce it down to "it doesn't matter about which note you play because you can play other notes."

TS, learn your chord construction, tension, resolution, and where those tie into intervals and you'll be more than equipped to handle anything that can be thrown at you in a practical setting.

Originally Posted by vaggelas96
Hello i want to ask you if you know where i can find exercises to increase my accuracy and my speed on bass guitar
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Originally Posted by Spaz91
So what exactly was your point this paragraph? Modes aren't a function to be replaced, there are just an everpresent thing in music.

you're mixing your modes up. the church modes and major/minor modes are two different things. ionian and aeolian haven't been relevant since the 1600s.

Again, you haven't actually said anything in this paragraph. You could reduce it down to "it doesn't matter about which note you play because you can play other notes."

if i had posted that when you said "modes" in the first place would you have gotten this defensive?

as for how music theory ties into exercises: it doesn't, which is why it was incredibly ridiculous to bring modes up in the first place. hence the rest of the paragraph you cut out because you're too busy trying to justify yourself than to just let it go.
Originally Posted by theogonia777
Hail killed MT

Originally Posted by jongtr
I want to be Hail when I grow up.
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Wow, you go to sleep for a few hours and wake up with this.

Anyway, i am agreeing 110% with Hail. I couldn't say better myself.
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Originally Posted by Guthrie Govan
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Originally Posted by Chick Corea
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Originally Posted by Spaz91
Oh gods, why do I even bother sometimes.

If you learn the major, melodic minor and harmonic minor modes then you are are also learning all the chords that can fit into any key, giving you better ability to write and improvise. A key is not a specific series of notes, it is a selection of notes and each key encompasses every single mode.

Melodic and harmonic minor aren't modes, they are scales.

A key isn't a selection of notes, that's what scales are. It's all about the resolution as Hail said. A song in E major doesn't need to have diatonic chords if it just resolves to E. I mean, a song in E major can have a chord progression E-G-A7 or E-G-D. If it resolves to E major, it's in E major.

To say that music just uses major and minor scales keys is entirely wrong as they are modes themselves, ionian and aeolian. Besides, dorian and mixolydian are just as common.

Today's music is tonal. Tell me one modal piece you know (that of course isn't tonal).

Dorian and mixolydian as scales are pretty usual in popular music but that doesn't make the music modal. It's still tonal, using the modes as scales.

Also major and minor are both keys and scales. You play in a key because today's music is tonal. It kind of "replaced" modal music in the 1600s. You can play the major scale and you can play in a major key.

Though I agree that this thread is now a bit sidetracked from the original topic.
Originally Posted by AlanHB
Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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oh the horror!
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^and warned for spam. Damn this thread is wandering now.
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Originally Posted by Nutter_101
Don't you mean "Why do we alcoholics keep taking about bass?"?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LHWok-9xhc Yup.
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