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REQ. Crystal clear. young guns
hey im in a band and i desperatley need the lead guitar tab to this song we have already got the rythim [forbidden link] thats the song the lead is played by the guy on the tele and [forbidden link] is the best rythm UG tab we found so if you can do it someone please tab the lead cheers
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Dead By April - Carry Me

Wouldn't necessarily call it intermediate/expert, but it's really good to learn... also, i wrote this tab, and it's the only tab of this song, so if you could all rate?<3
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Vomit Trough Tabs for two songs off their "It's Grind!" EP.

Sick Catchy Death-Grind w/ Cool Riffs and Timing!

Vomit Trough - Horny Hell

Vomit Trough - Stained by Stench
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Frank M
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I see the date of 07-31-2007 so I'm not sure if anyone is monitoring this site now...anyway here goes: I was listening to some Melissa Etheridge music the other day and heard some really cool electric guitar back up on the CD (after doing a little research I found the guitarist) by Phil Sayce doing a metal intro to O Night Devine. Actually Sayce start about one minute and twenty seconds into the song, he has about a 1.5 minute riff then Melissa takes over. I was wondering if anyone else has heard this and if anyone had been able to write down the Tabs for his guitar part. I can get parts of it but just haven't been able to get through it all.
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Can anyone please tab a song named Miss decibel by Medina? (You can find it on youtube)

That would be extremely appreciated, been trying to find it for a long time but it doesn't exist anywhere... :/
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Saxon - 20000nd Feet (Strong Arm of the Law, 1981)


Riot - Riot (Immortal Soul, 2011)

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I just posted a tab for Feels Like The First Time by Foreigner. I would say it's intermediate because the solo is not very hard but i can't see a beginner playing it well.
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Marilyn manson the beautiful people is extremely easy. I wouldn't say it's intermediate but it's the easiest I've come across so far..
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Hey there can anyone here help me find or can anyone make a tab for this song please?
study no.6 by peter altmeier-mort I can not find it and would really like to learn it, can some one please help?
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Anyone know any good tabs for spanish or classical guitar?
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Originally Posted by zsezse4
Anyone know any good tabs for spanish or classical guitar?

Go here.....

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Originally Posted by zsezse4
Anyone know any good tabs for spanish or classical guitar?
Sure thing. All Advanced

Rik Emmett - A Whisper Away GuitarPro

Rik Emmett - Acadian_dance GuitarPro

Rik Emmett - The Castle Of Regret GuitarPro

Rik Emmett - Secret Wishes GuitarPro

Rik Emmett - The Seventh Circle GuitarPro

Rik Emmett - Two Jigs GuitarPro

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Can not locate a tab for this anywhere.

Help me please.. much love!

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Originally Posted by Stupified
That works too
Thanks FatKidsOnMopeds</3 !

Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions

Intermediate. Fun to play, good practice for alternate picking

Another good A7X song that really isn't that hard? Trashed and Scaterd
http://plus.ultimate-guitar.com/tp/...d+And+Scattered for the tab pro file, http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/a/a...attered_tab.htm for the ASCII. It'sintermidiate, kinda hard at first for the changes,buut super fun to play.
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Under the bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers:

The Borgia Stick by George Benson:

Little wing by Hendrix:
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I would like to play this song to my girlfriend because she really like this tune. But I have a problem with the chords - I do not know what there is here. And I think it is Capo but at what fret?

Please help.

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Hey guys. I'm new to the forums, so I'm somewhat lost. But I think I'm in the right place. Recently I have run out of tabs to play. There are plenty of tabs, but none I want to play. My favorite kind of music to play would be carter style bluegrass solos. I am looking for an Intermediate solo. Some of my favorite songs i like to play would be little magie, wildwood flower, will the circle be unbroken. So if anyone could give me a song on UG that would be like that.
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I've not used forums before so I'm not sure if I'm doing this quite right. I thought I should start a new 'thread' but am not allowed. Anyway, I think I'm in the right folder, at least...

I've tried to find a tab for "Dragonfly" by the Nolans but no joy. I've instead been practicing on their "Gotta Pull Myself Together" instead (I've put a comment correction against it as I think there's a typo on some chords near the end of it).

Anyway - it seems a long shot, but does anyone know of a tab for Dragonfly?

I'm a pretty noob guitarist btw. Can play most open chords and some barres, but working on those and power chords (and having some lessons).

Thanks if anyone can help!
Gordon Panther
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song to learn must be Fade To Black, its the best song ever!!! its got acoustice bits.
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