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Originally Posted by purplexing
Presently, I would say jazz. And I think TS means mainstream as in the household name bands such as RHCP, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, etc. I would say any genre that has only caters to a select group (prog) is going to have a tough time finding mainstream success.

Who is to say that "mainstream success" is everyone's definition of a successful music career?
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pop music
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I cant really say, but this is the best genre to start off with.

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You sure one shouldn't start off with this?
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I don't know I just record what I feel on the day, sometimes its metal sometimes its rap
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Originally Posted by frankv
Surely it'd be much easier to earn a living with metal than trying to break even selling your Lithuanian folk music to an American crowd.

if you could really play lithuanian folk music, you'd be surprised. all that niche stuff can go a long way if you're good at it.
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Originally Posted by Horsedick.MPEG
Idk, I wasn't really serious with that post

That doesn't mean I didn't have expectations.

Originally Posted by primusfan
all that niche stuff can go a long way if you're good at it.

See, this is what I'm saying. If people seriously want to be successful as working musicians, learning styles and instruments that are not popular in America is the way to go.

It all goes back to supply and demand.

Let's say for pop music the demand is 10,000 and the supply is 10,000,000. Those numbers are the number of musicians needed in the industry and the number available, and they are just completely made up to make a point. Your chances of making it in that case would be 1 in 1,000.

For blues guitarists, the demand might be 1,000 and the supply is a third of every single guitarist ever. This makes your chance... more or less none.

For country PSG, the demand might be 100 but the supply is only 500, meaning you have a 1 in 5 chance of "making it" on that instrument.

For dūdmaišis (Lithuanian bagpipes) players, the demand might be 10 but the supply is 20, so you have a 1 in 2 chance.

Like I said though, those numbers are just made up, and if you are particularly skilled on your instrument, you have a far better chance, particularly in niche areas where being skilled means almost guaranteed work.
Originally Posted by lolmnt
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Now you have no excuse...

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You people need to listen to better rap. Probably ska, that style isn't so popular anymore

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Originally Posted by whywefight

Odd Future?

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good music. it's never what pays the most or gets the most support.
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