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I have a vypyr tube 60 and the USB out on that is shit. Nothing like the speaker. It would be far better, as has been said, to get an interface and an amp sim. They really do sound much better, and with the right software and tweaking, you can actually achieve some really nice tones.
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I use modes.
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people are so quick to hate on vypyrs. it makes me so sad.

this was recorded a few years ago on a vypyr 100 using the headphone jack into the line in on my computer. line in, not the mic jack. even the bass was recorded like that. i use the krank model for all distortion and the twin for all cleans. ezdrummer for drums.

this was recorded last year using the usb out on that same vypyr. i dont think the 15 has a usb out, but the headphone out is supposedly just as good on all models.

and this was recorded this past december with a vypyr tube 60 through usb after my 100 kind of died.(i got it fixed when the tube 60 wasnt loud enough for metal shows). i cant really tell the tube difference through the usb port. it sounds way better through the speaker though.

i dont think they sound that bad. i think the main sound problem is that i tend to use too much gain. most people think it sounds amazing for an amp with such a bad rep.

in the recording that you posted, it sounds like clipping is happening, which is your fault, not the amp's. make sure youre using a blue line in and not the pink microphone jack. the line will be much better. the 1/8th cable also matters as i had 2 back then, but one of them would hum when recording. if you are clipping, turn the volume on the amp down, or go into the control panel>sounds>recording>line in> and remove any boost that might be enabled. volume and boost are 2 different things. you can have the volume at 100, but make the gain boost as low as possible. high gain on the line in will work just like gain on an amp and distort the sound.

this is how you can tell that youre clipping in audacity.

those other guys were right about your guitar though. the intonation is pretty bad. it sounds like the strings actually change pitch when you hit them hard. that naturally happens to an extent. but it shouldnt be that obvious. im gonna guess that your string gauge is too small for that tuning.
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Does nobody know how to use Dropbox? You're not posting the right links for us; you need the 'Copy Public Link' link, that will start with 'https://dl.dropbox...'

I'm not downloading the files just to listen to it (assuming that other browsers also won't play the music from the above links, and only work for ones with dl.dropbox... in, which is as I presume).
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Originally Posted by ciano16
people are so quick to hate on vypyrs. it makes me so sad.

Because there was nothing impressive about any of the clips you posted. They were all thin, fizzy & only worked because they had a terribly mixed drum & bass behind them. The first clip is a good example. The guitar is very thin and to compensate, the drums are mixed WAYYY too boomy even for my taste (I'm the guy who takes the already compressed Chris Lord-Alge SSD Samples and compresses them even more).
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I've not tried it with the CLA stuff, but I almost always compress the base SSD stuff. The punch you get is incredible.
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You can be the deputy llamma of the recordings forum!
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