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Originally Posted by Nico the Great
IMO, the Roland Cube series is the best practice amp series on the market, but that's just me.

At least you didn't say the Line 6 Spider series or the Marshall MG series.

Have you gotten deep into Mustangs or Vypyrs? What do you like better about the Roland?

I'm a big fan of Roland digital pianos and V-drums. IMHO, I haven't seen that kind of leadership in the practice amp world. Their JC amps are arguably among best for the jazz genre and some other applications, but I'm really curious about your rationale for prefering the Cubes over Mustangs and Vypyrs.

Incidentally, I don't own any Fender or Peavey amps, myself and never have, but I've tested them, along with Cubes, a lot.
Originally Posted by shiggityswah
Welcome to UG. Everyone here will piss you off at some point, it's just what we do.

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Originally Posted by Offworld92
I was really excited for the DT. I thought that that would be the answer for me.

But unfortunately, it falls completely on it's face for modern (death) metal tones. Which is the primary tone I need.

And this is completely besides the point, but the aesthetics are pretty meh to me. If I was interested in it, I would wish they offered a cab with black grill cloth instead of brown.

They had an update recently that added like, 30 more amp models, not sure if you tried that, but it might be worth a second look. Also, I tried on with the stock speaker, and then we put in a G12K100, much better!
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Originally Posted by Offworld92
Well Ibanez has a few pedals, but for the most part it's just like "WE ARE IBANEZ. HERE IS TUBESCREAMER". And that's all they really do. Whereas it seems like every year Boss is bringing some new idea to the table, like they just released the MultiOvertone and the Feedbacker/Booster.

Maybe not completely original ideas, but... at least adding more to the selection for someone looking for that kind of thing.

hahaha ok gotcha

edit: that made me lol.
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Originally Posted by Tempoe
More guitar design innovation. Still basically playing guitars designed in the 50s, they are said to be the best but meh, the old stuff is great, especially tube stuff that was abandoned long ago by everything else. But I like to see completely new concepts once in a while.

Newer tech could be better to me if quality is there. I'd like to see different neck designs, maybe fretless above the 22 fret for a bit, half strings. half frets, weird stuff, more ergonomic bodies, necks, midi and piezo pups. I saw that one with all the flashing shit that you tap instead of pick, that's at least doing something new.

In reality if I think about it more a good SStrat and FR with a tube amp is about as good as it gets I guess

Have you been living under a rock?

Stop looking at major brands and take a look at guys like Strandberg*, Rick Toone. I could go on and on about people making awesome instruments.

All the stuff you listed is out there, you just have to go through non-major brands.

None of that stuff will ever become standard though.
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^ There's Agile too, which basically spurred the market for ERGs. After they started getting big, it seemed like Ibanez (and ESP to a lesser extent) started jumping on the 7&8 string wagon.

Agile also offers multi-scale guitars, hopefully we'll start to see some of that in the big names.
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