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kill both bass players
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Hey there. I'm very much into heavy metal and rock myself, and I don't care for some of the "new" stuff, though admittedly I like a good portion of it as long as it's nice and heavy. However, the area that I live is full of people who enjoy either country or "modern" music like, for example, Justin Beiber or however the heck you spell his name.

The reason I felt like replying is because I noticed that in the town I live, it seemed like a lot of the rock fans just died out or disappeared. But I'm noticing a big comeback now with rock and even heavy metal, which is awesome. So have faith, rock isn't dead, and I just heard somewhere, I believe it was on TV, though it may have been the radio, a quote that really inspired me. That quote was something to the effect of, "Rock and Roll isn't dead, it just took a breather. But if you notice now, suddenly it's making a comeback, and it's going to kick other genre's of musics' teeth out in doing so."
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I don't see how rock has ever been dead. People have listened to rock music as long as it has existed. People have always been talking about the death of rock. But there has always been bands playing rock. Maybe today there are not as visual "scenes" like there were in the 60s (hippies), 70s (punk), 80s (glam, thrash metal) and 90s (grunge). Because today it's easier to listen to new music than it was when there was no internet. Today if a band decides to record some songs, they don't need to hire an expensive studio. They can use cheap-ish recording softwares like Cubase and record good quality music. Then they just upload them to Youtube and Soundcloud and Facebook and millions of people can listen to their music, no matter where they live. Before internet there were this kind of "scenes". In the 80s LA was the Glam city and San Francisco was the Thrash city. And in the 90s Seattle was the grunge city. But today you can pretty much play whatever music wherever.
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Originally Posted by 91RG350
I'll put it out there and say that Pearl Jam is not grunge.... rather, a rock band who happened to be from Seattle at a pivotal point in music history. Tell me Ten aint a rock album....

You take a genre like classic rock for example, thousands of bands are lumped in to that.
Van Halen, GNR, Thin Lizzy, Boston, whatever.

Grunge is the same way, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Mudhoney, Green River, Mother Love Bone.

Then you take a band like Zeppelin that gets lumped in with classic rock but they are far more diverse than that.
the same can be said with Pearl Jam. they cover a whole lot more ground than those other bands apart from maybe Soundgarden or nirvana's unplugged performance ever did.

so yeah.
This is grunge, but someone might claim it as classic rock

/off topic
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Graveyard are from Sweden and they've got authentic 70's rock sound better than all of these newer bands mentioned .
Check out their second album Hisingen Blues.

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ignore whats mainstream, your chances of making it are just as SLIM wether you are playing what you enjoy or if you are laying down a commercial cookie cutter sound.
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In a nutshell, No, probably not. It's great that you enjoy playing it. But if you want to make playing it into a job, probably not.

Guys from Letterman, love playing some crazy jazz stuff, but they make their living playing what the bandleader tells them to. If they took Oz Noy from the baked potato, and did some of the stuff he does on Letterman...well they just wouldn't do it. They play what they have to from the industry standpoint, and then play what they want and like on their own time. Chances are, you'll have to do that too, if you want to "make a living, and get industry success".


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Dude, something being "dead" is good for you. As long as you make your own GOOD classic Rock music, it's gonna be loved by most people, and even by people who thought they hated that genre. Just ****ing stop whining and play your music. Write songs alone if you have to and gt a band together when you got good music, which if it's good, wont be a problem.
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Originally Posted by MaggaraMarine
The influences come automatically. You can't write anything without any influences. But you shouldn't consciously think "this needs a bit more AC/DC" or something. You want it to sound like your own music. And you really shouldn't try to be yourself. You need to be yourself. Just write what's in your head. Don't try to find your style. You are your style.

Lol, my words are so deep.

And necrobump... The thread is almost half a year old.

And if TS really wants to play classic rock, why doesn't he play it? You play what you want to play, not what other people want you to play. You want playing music to be fun.
My motto: Play what the song needs you to play!


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Originally Posted by marshallmannen
I really want to play classic rock and get into the industry with it. Is it impossible? Or is rock really dead.

Rock and roll aint noise pollution. rock and roll aint gonna die.
Its all fun and games till someone has to take a drug test

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