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ah frick. just realized it wasnt up yet. my bad
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there y'all go. leave feedback please.
(first time recording and stuff. its god damn fun.)
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Rottingtomb93 You need to get some more push from the diaphragm. Right now, you have engaged the false cords. GREAT, you are well on your way. Now, just work on the power by increasing your projection (same exercises that work for singing work here) and diaphragm strength.

My channel may be of use to you: https://soundcloud.com/david-merriman-1

Take a look at the false cord tutorial and then lets go from there.

Hallucination: We need to get more distortion into your signal. Right now, you have what could develop into a rock tone. You also sound out of breath throughout.

Try this: Try to get the distortion feel in the back of your throat where your uvula is. It will impart some more distortion on it's own as it's beat around. Additionally, try to enhance the feeling of holding your breath. To do this, push from your groin area and hold your diaphragm in the flexed position (down). It sounds strange but this is how you develop the power and attain proper cord closure. Right now, you are blowing too much air.

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hi hi hi hi. so i made a new cover (partly because i want to improve and partly because its just really fun). anyway, i know its not fry screaming because it doesnt tickle my uvula or throat or whatever, but i cant help to notice that i absolutely cant hold a note for longer than 3 seconds. my breathing techniques are absolutely terrible. would you be able to give me some exercises to practice breathing properly? or is it maybe because the type of screaming i did actually does use a lot of air and i need to do fry. instead?

heres the other cover: http://yourlisten.com/halluci.natio...d-sebring-cover

Thanks again
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Does anyone know what Chuck Schuldiner was doing in in Death's cover of Painkiller and just throughout that album generally? Or would that still just be considered false chord?
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what'swrong with my low growls? They sound terrible. Advice, please?
What about my highs?
I find it much easier to do highs. Lows are hard for me to do, do you think it's just a matter of range, or is there something I need to do?
I try to push from my diaphragm pretty hard, but that's all I can get for now
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