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The best way to practice is without any type of effects. No Reverb, No Distortion, No Delay. Just a simple Direct Guitar is the best. If you can play a clean guitar song (like Nothing Else Matters - Metallica) you would sound beyond amazing with effects. That was my first song I learned growing up when I was 12. I had a 10 watt amp with a 6 string electric Washburn. No effects on the amp at all. I had to turn the bass up and mids down with treble high to make distortion. When I learned it doing it this way, it sounded amazing because I learned the technique that Metallica incorporated when they recorded it. My Reverb was my basement Cement Cynder blocks. When I bought my 100 watt Johnson Amp with effects, it turned my guitar into Metallica exactly. That is my professional opinion on practicing. If you guys are going to learn something with distortion, I would recommend using a light distortion just enough for Pinch Harmonics to be heard, chords to sound heavy enough, strings to be sustained. Otherwise don't use distortion if you don't need it (from a learning perspective).
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Slapping the bass.
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Maybe I should try this... Sounds interesting. I'm struggling a bit with the fastest parts of "Black Betty" by Ram Jam. I mean, I can play them but not perfectly accurately, it kind of sounds sloppy. It's not the most difficult song but it's fun to play. Now I can play it 100% accurately at 95bpm (the original tempo is 120bpm). Let's see what happens and if I have the time and patience to play the same parts every day slowly. I was thinking, maybe 30 minutes would be a good amount of time to practice it every day.
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Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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I tried the 21 day challenge with the solo from La Grange, about a year ago. With not a lot of success.

I just went back and relearned the whole thing with one major difference. I tap my foot on the 2nd and 4th beat. It was difficult to begin with, and it's still a work in progress with some of the phrasing but.... Who would have thought such a simple thing would make a big difference to my speed and accuracy.

The 21 day challenge is good, but only if you have every aspect of your playing covered. Otherwise you are just learning bad habits.. slowly. (I am sure not the first to say it, but the penny finally dropped for me)
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The best:

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When you say you play XYZ song... for eg... how do you actually learn that song? From the tabs provided on the Internet or by ear?? I mean... say for learning smoke-on-the-water solo.... do you look up the tabs or do you actually hear each and every note and try to locate what is actually being played in the original song??
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This sounds very interesting. I have been looking for something to help me practice more effectively and this might just do the trick!

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that's why i love guitar pro , i always play at a tempo for way too long, time flys by, you go into the zone and the day is over. Like any sport you need a personal trainer to go the next level.
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great. thanks for sharing
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What song should I do?
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wowsounds good ill start today.. Now to find a song... XD
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Hello hullo! Long-time lurker, first-time poster here. I read the beginning and the end of this stickied thread and the lightbulb totally turned on for me.

Because when learning songs I want to learn the whole song right away, then increase the speed, then practice any problem spots (like a firefighter dousing smoldering embers after a forest fire). But even after I'm able to play the song at full speed I always make lots of mistakes. It's frustrating for me and the band members I rehearse with.

I started trying this method with a song I'd attempted before--Galneryus' Silent Revelation:

The video is filled with old-school, cheesy awesomeness. Instead of worrying about BPM I've been playing the rhythm guitar part for 10 days at 63 percent of normal tempo, using the guidelines explained here.

What a difference. I'm about two-thirds of the way through this song, and the slow speed is forcing me to think hard about the transitions and the various techniques--sweep picking, harmonics, etc. Even at this stage I can play long sections of the song perfectly, without thinking and no mental glitches.

I'm trying this idea with other guitar solos, and instead of always worrying, "Am I on tempo? What about this section here? Am I truly with the band?" I'm finally relaxing and playing the phases with a lot more feeling. It's like a miracle!

I'll let you know what happens in another 10 days, but THANK YOU, early posters, for explaining this principle. Now I truly understand why people say, "Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect." :P
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i want to start from now.
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I'm in on this. On day 2 currently.
Solo being learned is Painkiller by Judas Priest, more specifically the licks from 2:45 to 2:50 (lick 1) and 2:55 to 2:59 (lick 2).
Playing lick 1 @ 45bpm and lick 2 @ 38bpm.
Totalling 30 minutes practice time, rotating between each lick.
I use the 'burst' method where I play the lick 10 times then try and play it up to speed 5 times then I practice the other lick.
In 30 minutes, each lick usually gets around 6 practices, so that's 60 times I'm playing each lick.
Oddly enough I have noticed a difference only after 2 days of playing, in that it seems easier to play at full speed.
Lick 1 is a bitch. wicked fast 5 string sweep, all 32nds and a bit of a stretch to the 21st fret.
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Where does the "21" come from? Is there some kind of rationale behind this number being the ideal number of days of practice?
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Originally Posted by andreistoc
Where does the "21" come from? Is there some kind of rationale behind this number being the ideal number of days of practice?

Read the first page.
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Good idea, I'm gonna try that
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My 21 day challenge starts today
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