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Somewhere up with Budda?
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I am looking to buy a Jet City JCA100HDM.

I am looking to trade my Peavey 6505 with a footswitch and speaker cable for it, plus cash on your end because a new 6505 is worth more than double a JCA100HDM new and it's in very very good condition.

a second hand JCA is about 180, and a second hand 6505 is about 520. just so you can work out how i am seeing everything.

I am in Monmouthshire in South Wales, UK and i am friendly, so do get in touch cheers!
Looking for any of your spare 12" speakers or electronic components (valves, transformers, anything!) and a Peavey Wolfgang USA. Message me!

I want your broken/unwanted gear, UK only. Message me!
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Somewhere up with Budda?
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Or, just by my 6505?

I'll sell it for 500
Looking for any of your spare 12" speakers or electronic components (valves, transformers, anything!) and a Peavey Wolfgang USA. Message me!

I want your broken/unwanted gear, UK only. Message me!
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can anyone give me advise on where i can poster my guitar for sale on the forum I'm new and its not been easy to figure this all out HELP!!!!????
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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently moving house and am looking to sell some of my gear. I have for sale:

Ibanez RG7321 - 280 ono
Excellent condition. I bought it new in 2008 and haven't played it very much in that time. Never been gigged.

Yamaha FX-310 - 50
Good entry level electro-acoustic guitar, great for bedroom players or as a backup gig guitar. Has a few scratches but nothing that affects the sound or playability. Been gigged once.

Aria Pro II SB700 (I think...) - 80 ono
Really nice bass from the 1980s that I got a few years ago and was planning to use as a project. A bit beaten up but lovely finish regardless. Hasn't got a bridge as the original wasn't in a great state and I took it off about 5 years ago to replace it.

Large hard case - 5-10
Bought this originally to fit a Jackson KE3 but it currently hast the Aria Pro II in it. 5 with any other item, or 10 on its own.

Korg AX3000G - 30 ono
This was an awesome multi-effects unit, but unfortunately I used the wrong PSU with it once and damaged the power board. I have been told by Korg that the power PCB is sold as a biscuit board with the main PCB (part reference KLM-2569/2570). When I contacted them a few months ago the part was 63.83 including VAT. I decided not to order the replacement as I haven't got much need for its capabilities anymore. Will sell the unit (no PSU) for 30 ONO, so you should be able to get an awesome multi-effects unit for about 95.

Zoom G2.1U - 45
Bought this a few months ago but haven't really used it. In good working order, has a scratch on the top but this is just cosmetic.

EMG 81/85 - 20 each, 35 for the pair
Bought these about 7 or 8 years ago with the intention of using them in a build but never got round to it. The person who had them before me sanded the corners a little to fit their guitar, but that's only really a cosmetic change. The pickups have got the 3-pin connectors with flying leads but no other circuitry.

Peavey Audition 110 - 50
Good 25W practice amp. Looking to sell as I want to get something a bit more modern with modelling capabilities.

If anyone would like photos of any of these items, let me know and I'll take some either tomorrow night or the next.

Finally, I am potentially interested in a PRS Custom 24 SE (preferably Whale Blue), so if anyone is looking to get rid of one and wants to discuss a sale/trade then please get in touch.

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Fist Shaking Pony
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This is kind of an ad in reverse, but I'm looking to buy a Peavey T-40 bass in decent condition and preferably with all original parts. I almost bought one a year or two back, but it fell through at the last minute. I'm based near London, if that helps. Also interested in an Epiphone Zenith bass if there are any of those for sale floating around.
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Schecter A-7 Elite - Rare Blue/Purple "Flip" Colour For sale

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Chinese Rob
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I have an old Peavey Valveking 112 combo that I haven't used in years, so if anyone thinks they could use it, you can just come and get it so feel free to send me a message! It's up for collection near the city centre in Liverpool.
Fender CP50's Stratocaster/wKinmans
Peavey Valveking 112
Lovepedal Eternity FUSE
MXR Carbon Copy Delay
Dunlop JH1 Wah
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Looking for an orange or black fender toranado for sale in the UK
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Kronos Agony
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For Sale: ESP Horizon NT-II + ESP Original Hard-Case

Price: 850 (negotiable)

Condition: Very Good
Serail no: SS0841242
Series: ESP Stadard Series
Made in: Japan
Built date: 2008

For a review on the guitar check:

For further info, photos or if you are interested please Private Message me.
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Location: Uk
For sale

Yamaha Pacifica 120H

White with black scratch plate.
Very good condition
Never gigged
Comes with soft carry case.


Based in Kent would post at cost.
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For sale

ESP M3 Deluxe in Grey Satin built in Japan.

I bought this new from the US in '99.

Its in great condition with an Alder body, Rosewood finger board, Original Floyd Rose Trem and ESP pickups and original locking ESP case.

I have managed to misplace the whammy bar over the years and there are a couple of light blemishes to the body where a couple of stickers where applied.

650 ono

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Got a brand new Taylor 320, wanna swap (and depending on condition pay) for a Gibson J45 or Hummingbird.

North of England, e-mail me frogwash@hotmail.co.uk if you're interested!
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Looking for the old (2003-2005) Fender set neck carved top Telecaster in black with cream DiMarzio humbuckers. Will pay more than they were when they were new, if it's still in decent condition and with all the original parts.
Not interested in any other variation.
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FS: Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus 2008 Limited Edition in Brimstone Red. I'm based in Sheffield but I'll be around Aldershot and Guildford over Christmas so I can drop it off if needed


I'll be throwing my Vetta II with matching 4x12 cab up when I get pictures too.
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For Sale:Ibanez RG721RW-CNF with bkp alnico nailbombs*

Gauging interest prior to putting it on the bay!

As the title says charcoal finish Ibanez RG7321.
With bareknuckle nailbomb pickups which have alnico
Magnets. Black and white.

Also have a hard guitar case (Ibanez) and manual.

Some marks and dents but not too bad.

Selling as I'm building my own guitar and also
Not really suited to the type of music I now play.

Based in Kent can sort out pictures.

May post

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Wanna shift my Holy Grail Nano

Great condition, sounds lovely, no issues at all - but I am not playing guitar at all recently haha.

45 + postage
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Originally Posted by marantz1300
1978 Fender Telecaster for trade..
Two bridges , BKP Flat 50's and stock pickups.
I would like a 70@s Gibson .

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For sale is my Fujigen-built Ibanez RG2550ZL - LEFT HANDED !!

I've been trying to sell this for AGES and am really struggling to find any lefties out there.

I bought this 2 or so years ago and unfortunately I haven't used it nearly as much as I intended to.
I fitted and set it up with D'Addario EXL 10s around six months ago, it plays lovely and sounds awesome with it's active EMG pickups.
Built in the Fuji-Gen factory in Japan, in 2003.
It does have a few minor chips on the upper edge on the front of the body, give me a shout for pictures.
Will chuck in a pack of new EXL 10s with the guitar.

Please call/text me (Mike) if you're interested on 07944 112453.
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Hi guys I have a Maverick Species II guitar for sale if anyone's interested, rarely see them for sale but it's a really nice guitar for the money! No doubt people here will probably know more about it than me but I have some info and pics for those who don't. It's in pretty good condition, all original parts, never been modded, never been abused, it does have the odd mark here and there but nothing major especially for a "spikey" guitar! Comes with new strings, padded gig bag and I'll even chuck in a good quality strap. 100 or swap (mostly interested in stomp boxes) Leeds/West Yorkshire
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A new guy on the site looking to sell a barely used and very clean Dean Razorback 255 Dime two tone with Active EMG 81 / 85 pickups as it left the factory. It has been more a display piece in the house and has never been gigged or left the house apart from a professional setup after around 6 months of owning it. Now detuned and stored in its case. Will be fully cleaned and can arrange a full service if so required from Ayr Guitar.

Owned it from new and comes with hard case and original cardboard box it was shipped in. See ebay add for further details. Pics can be added on request.

Cost over 800 new and wanting 350 for it plus delivery of 19.95. Got my eye on something special and time to raise some funds.
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