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The thing were you put the bar on is broken on mine, I not sure why. I've reattached it several time, adjusted it, etc. but it comes of after a couple f days of use which is really annoying so unless I find another solution I want to buy a new one. Also, this is a cheap Licensed Floyd so the upgrade to an original may be worth it
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when/how do i know if i need new springs because currently i have 3 in the /|\ position with the claw as far in as possible with the bridge still being pulled up a little.

also, when restringing/tuning, do i remove the block from the cavity after restringing? or after tuning?
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I have a problem with an Edge Zero II bridge.

While looking at adjusting the action during a string change, I noticed one of the knife edges had slipped off the post completely and was resting lower down the post. I guess it had been doing this for a while (the tremolo isn't used though) so I removed the springs and the bridge to be able to judge any damage on the post or knife edge, and while it had removed the finish from the post, it didn't look too bad.

I re-installed the bridge, after setting the action on the posts, and tuned the guitar up with the trem blocked. When I removed the block, the bridge was sitting very high and I started to add spring tension when I suddenly ran out of adjustment. The problem is that the Edge Zero II doesn't have the usual FR springs and claw that screw right into the wood, but a wheel that you turn to adjust tension and no room to add more springs.

What to do? The guitar is fully playable now, with the blocked bridge, but I'm a bit lost about how I would get enough spring tension now. I use 9-42 strings, so I haven't changed the gauge and I can't understand why this happened.

I'm new to setting up floating trems though, so any advice appreciated. (I may have overlooked something completely obvious.)

Thanks in advance.
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Thank you for all
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I think setting up a Floyd Rose is very difficult if the person don't know the proper way. So this will help who need a guide for setting up a Floyd Rose.
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I'm having trouble setting up my FR guitar, I blocked the Floyd because the springs are worn out and because the Fr is a cheapie. But I can't get this sucker set up! Neck relief is good, but on the A and D strings, I have dead notes on frets 15-22 (approx). My Bass E string is too high and the next two are too low. G is little buzzy but manageable, B and E are ok. So whats up? I heard this problem can be related to the nut not being conformed to the radius, and this guitar has a compound radius(12-16 I think). Every note below the 15 fret is perfect on all strings.

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I managed to finally get some new strings on my Ibanez. I tried 9's but didn't like how they felt, so i put in 10's like i use in my other guitars. It took a while to adjust the bridge properly, but i got it in tune and the bridge is level. The only issue i'm having is fret buzz on the first 3 frets on all strings. Not sure if it needs fret work or a truss rod adjustment.

Thanks in advance.

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Originally Posted by madpickin03
Tremolo Swap -
  • Ibanez Edge III route accepts----------------------- Edge Pro, Original Floyd Rose, Gotoh LFR
  • Ibanez Edge/Lo Pro Edge route accepts------- Lo Pro Edge, Edge Pro, Original Floyd Rose
  • Ibanez Edge Pro/Edge Pro II route accepts--- Original Floyd Rose
  • Original Floyd Rose route accepts---------------- Edge, Lo Pro Edge, Gotoh LFR
keep in mind that these are immediate drop in. Changing the studs might temper the fitting minutely and requires some drilling or routing.

Headstock Area -
Make sure the nuts are aligned properly and that you set the retainer bar at proper level so that when you lock the nuts, it wont go out of tune so violently. You just need to tighten the retainer bar till the string is lower than the nut level.

Tremolo Arm for Ibanez Edge/Lo Pro Edge/Edge Zero/ZR//ZR-II/SynchroniZR -
To prevent the plastic bushings from damaged, make sure you insert the arm properly.

Miscellaneous -
Ibanez ZR Tremolo - Engaging the ZERO Point System for ZR
Ibanez ZR Tremolo - Removing the ZERO Point System For Full Floating Mode
Ibanez ZPS3 - Engaging the ZERO Point System for Edge Zero
Ibanez Edge-FX/Edge-III-FX Bridge Angle
Kahler 2200-2300 "Pro" Setup Page

Helpful References & Videos -
Very Helpful Restringing/Setup Video
Floyd Rose Official Site
Restringing Video
Ibanez Rules Setup Page
Jemsite Setup Page
Youtube Setup References
Kahler "Pro" Setup References
Kahler Traditional-Vintage-Modern Instruction Manual

Things to Keep in Mind -
  • Don't unleash the fury by swinging your guitar like Yngwie unless you have sufficient practice or professional training, you might end up hurting yourself.
  • Floyd Rose system is very dangerous, keep your distance.
  • Stringing ball-end first at the tuning posts prevents you from accidentally puncturing major arteries.
  • Don't use glass cleaners to clean your guitar.
  • Keep away from extreme temperature


~credits to members of jemsite.com, pics vary either from jemsite.com or from my own, special thanks to nuno and Rich~


Great FR Setup Pictorial Here.

The helpful reference video links don't work. The pictorial link to the FR setup had the pics removed. Why keep this thread on top if the links haven't been updated or at least replaced? This thread has over 2,500 posts on it and I just don't have the time to look at each page to find a good tutorial of how to setup a FR. Youtube has many videos but all have some differences. If anyone has any links that are exactly how to setup a FR on a Fender guitar can you please post it or PM me.

Sorry for the rant if i offended anyone I apologize. I just feel that any site that keeps a post as a Sticky should at least make sure the 'helpful links" are updated or just put another thread that has updated links in place of it. Thanks again for anyone that can point me in the right direction.
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^ The big problem is that someone posts a sticky and then maybe goes AWOL for a while (and only mods can edit other people's posts). In some of the other stickies, they're closed to prevent them from being spammed up- and again only mods can edit posts in closed threads (doesn't affect this one but affects some of the stickies I helped to write).

But yeah ideally they'd be kept up to date. Big problem is it's a massive job.
Originally Posted by Cathbard
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Hey guys,

Thank you for reading this, if you could give 2 mins of your time to fill out this fun guitar pedalboard questionnaire i would be hella greatful.

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Hey, I have a question about my whammy bar. I'm pretty new at Floyd Rose and all that so I'm not sure if I did something wrong, but I recently changed string gauge from 09-42 to 10-52 so I could down-tune.

Everything works fine and it sounds great but my whammy bar is really hard to use. I didn't change any springs while restringing and I've got three on there right now, so I'm wondering if there is anything that I can do to make it easier?
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