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Shoot, that puts me at four guitars needing upgrades.

Actually, it puts you at you wanting to upgrade four guitars.

I'd do the Jag first, or maybe the LP you already have replacement HBs for. THEN move onto the semihollows.

Those, I'd take slowly, definitely one at a time. Figure out what kind of sound you're looking for with them and talk to the suppliers. I've found that the guys at the manufacturers tend to be very helpful when it comes to helping you choose the right pickups for the sound you're reaching for.
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That's true, I quite enjoy taking my guitars apart to ensure that they sound their best.
I will probably hold off on the semi-hollows a bit, especially since pickups aren't all that cheap and patience usually yields me better deals on gear.
I'm hesitant about that Eastwood, too, as they're hit or miss on the reviews. I may go play on it before I make a final judgement. Heck, if it has decent pickups and construction, it may be worth $220.
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First thing, Jazzmaster pickups are not the same as P-90s. They sound very different. People need to stop thinking that Jazzmaster = P-90 tone, because it simply doesn't. Jazzmaster pickups are a fatter version of Strat-style single coils. If you want the P-90 tone then forget about Jazzmasters.

Second thing is, those humbucker-sized P-90s will not sound the same as a regular P-90. They simply can't, the size and shape means the magnetic field can't be the same which means the tone can't be the same. They can get close, but they're not a perfect match for each other. Humbucker-size P-90s tend to have a smoother tone with stronger lower-mid spikes.

Third thing is, of course, that something like a Gibosn LP DC with P-90s won't sound the same as a Thinline Tele with humbucker-sized P-90s will, even if the pickups were identical. Scale length, woods, headstock angle, bridge style, construction, controls; everything effects the tone equally. Think hard about whether it's really the sound of the pickup you want or the sound of the guitar. You may find that what you actually want is inherent in the construction of some of your previous guitars and can't be replicate simply by having a particular type of pickup. In fact this is especially true with P-90s, since their very basic construction means every other element of the guitar comes through more; they can't mask what type of guitar they're in, unlike some humbuckers and certain types of Strat/Tele-style pickup.
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Flibble, thanks for all the clarification. I'm not planning on a Jazzmaster at this point, but instead plan to work mostly with what I have and try to get close to the P-90 tone I had with a few previous guitars.
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