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I don't listen to Red that much. Never liked the title track, Fallen Angel is ok..One More Red Nightmare is a fun song. Starless is a masterpiece. Lizard is probably my favorite album at the moment
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Never had this before
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Red's awesome. The weakest track is probs Red though.

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That reminds me of one of my favorite films No Country For Altman.
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well tuned
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Red is amazing, though I do love all three records from that lineup

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Red is an absolute masterpiece. Heavy as shit, awesome title track, and Starless is just flawless.

I'm sure I've said this before, but with KC it's all about context. Back in the 60s when they first came out, literally nothing was as heavy as Schizoid Man. People like to credit Sabbath for inventing metal, but (and I say this as a Sabbath fan) their early stuff was essentially downtuned blues with Hammer Horror lyrics. Schizoid Man set the true metal template by being completely divorced from blues, having proto-Thrash rhythms, and lyrics about children bleeding, barbed wire and napalm. War Pigs doesn't have shit on that. Then you have that middle section where they essentially laid out the template for Drum And Bass decades before Drum And Bass was a thing. I don't think any one song has ever been so forward thinking or had the blueprints for so many other genres.

Fast forward to Red, and once again, the band shows how ahead of the curve they are. It's easy now post Grunge/Industrial to overlook the record, but back in the early 70s, Red was about as heavy as it got. No other record I can think of from that time period sounds as harsh, abrasive and dark as the opening track. I know it was one of Kurt Cobain's favourite records, and I'm pretty sure it had a key influence on Industrial music as well.

Also, Radiohead totally nicked the middle bit of the track Red for the opening of OK Computer.

For me though, it's all about 80s KC. Discipline for me is the highlight of their catalogue. It's got all the intricate music theory bollocks of 70s Prog, but with none of the fat. It's got songs in 5/4 and 7/8 you can dance to. It's got lyrics about post-modernism and existentialism rather than fire witches and moon children. And Tool owe pretty much their entire success to that album. You can actually hear them stick the riff from Frame By Frame into their cover of No Quarter on Salival. Even Rage owe something to that album. Adrian Belew was out Morelloing Morello before Morello was even doing his thing.

Any other fans of 80s Crim? Beat and TOAPP are both also magnificent albums, and I really think that trio of albums are the best 80s prog has to offer. The other prog bands all went to shite, but KC are the only ones who I think genuinely got better going into the Eighties.


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Never had this before
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Yeah man 80s Crimson still got it. My Larks' Tongues in Aspic sounds so ****ing great and crunchy.
Originally Posted by Well.......
That reminds me of one of my favorite films No Country For Altman.
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Discipline is awesome. So is Belew and Levins
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Cing Krimson
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Great band and their lyrics are still relevant to-day, "the state of all mankind is in the hands of fools."
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