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Mikey 1000
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Hello everyone,

I'm primarily a bassist but also play guitar. It's cool to see a good community on here!

Here's some of my music if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi4V0E9f0Qg


Michael Barracato
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Cpt. Chris
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Finally broke down and gave up my $3 mainly because your page is unusable what with the coercive question about whether to view for iPhone that takes up 1/2 the page. Disappointed that you STILL are cluttering it up with yet MORE ads. I PAID to get a usable page... Wanna fix this please?!!!
And, oh yeah- Hello!
cc. :/
"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits." ~A. Einstein
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Hello all! 24-year-old guitar lover from Turkey here I really like this place so far...aaand the app! Hope I will improve my skills thanks to you guys)
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Hey I joined the site a while ago and wanted to come back and be active again!
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Good evening, folks. My name is Brian and I am a newbie to playing the guitar. I joined this site as a way to learn the basics and to be part of a community that can helpfully help me out along the way.


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Forensic Guitar
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It's nice to be here. Not sure how to start a new post. But here goes. My friends call me Chaplain. Howdy All!
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Forensic Guitar
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FG-180 Yamaha Red Label Nippon Gakki

Hello everyone. I bought a Yamaha Nippon Gakki Red Label FG-180, that was manufactured in 1972. I have had it for awhile. I have heard videos of the Martin D-18, but my Yamaha FG-180 has a deeper and more balanced and punchier tone. The sound has mellowed with age. There seems to be confusion regarding whether this guitar is all laminate or partially laminate. From what I have read in other Forums other than Ultimate Guitar.com (have not read about this on Ultimate Guitar.com yet), many guitar owners have stated that the FG-180 is all or partial laminate.

I have thoroughly examined this guitar, and I can testify that it is solid wood. It may not be a high quality solid wood, but it is. The grain is consistent and continues through the entire edge of the sound hole. There are photos online which show how this appears, as compared to laminated wood; with laminated wood, the grain does not continue through the sound hole's edge. The top of my FG-180 is solid spruce. No matter what you have read or heard, the proof is the close inspection of the wood itself. Laminated wood, no matter how well you may think Yamaha perfected using laminated wood in their guitars, there will still be telltale signs of layers not following the natural grain of the wood around the sound hole. These characteristics of laminated wood or plywood or less expensive wood laminated with adhesive compounds vs. that of solid wood is the wood's signature.

It is very difficult to determine the back and sides to see whether the guitar is laminate or solid -- this is because the stain's lines do not necessarily follow the grain of the wood. And it is obvious my FG-180 has a heavy lacquer finish; this does not mean that the wood used is a laminate -- but Yamaha may have used a heavier finish to protect a lesser quality of mahogany than for a more expensive guitar. The only way to be certain is to examine the wood itself without any finish (like a deep gouge) on the outside with the wood in the interior of the guitar's body by looking with powerful flash light through the sound hole. You won't be looking for grain, but rather, comparing the color of the exposed wood on the outside with the interior for its shade/color tone, where there appears to be less stain used on the wood inside. If you have an older FG-180 as I do, then that should not be too difficult because you will probably have a deep enough gash or two as my guitar does. Examine the wood inside the gash. Do you see layers, or adhesive? Or does that gash appear as a chunk in a tree trunk? You will be able to tell whether it is plywood or not -- because plywood is layered with a dark adhesive in-between layers. If it is particle board, the wood inside the gouge will appear as particle board. Upon my close inspection with my spouse, it was clear that the fairly deep gouge in the side of the guitar's exterior appeared the same as a chunk in a tree trunk and had the same color as the less stained area inside the guitar's body. There are grain marks that the stain did not cover inside the guitar's body that seem to match or are similar to the outside -- but again there are streaks of stain applied that are concentrated in some areas than others -- so you can't really determine a match from the stain job alone. You have to look a little deeper than that, and more closely.

The final determinant is the sound quality of your FG-180. What does it sound like? Is it deep and have a really good sound quality? Laminated guitars, despite what people might claim, do not sound like that --- AND -- they do not become richer in sound as they age. But hard wood instruments will. This is due to several factors, where laminated wood "inhibits sound" and laminated instruments "generally do not improve in tone quality over time". For further information, please refer to the following website for information concerning this: www.harpkit.com/category/lib_soundboards.html

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