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Banned threads and a list of good ones!

Here is a list of threads which are forbidden here.

The primary goals of this list are to keep GG&A uncluttered and to make things as efficient as possible for those looking for help.

The following threads are not to be posted:

Advertising or Promotion Threads
Do not advertise. You will be banned. Since there has been some confusion about what advertising entails, here are a few examples of advertising:
  • Starting a thread about your own business, your friend's business, etc. (We do occasionally make exceptions if you have useful input/content, so PM a mod if you think you have something of value to contribute) ;
  • Threads whose primary content is a link to a blog, youtube video, press release, kickstarter, etc.; and
  • Threads whose primary purpose is to link or promote a contest, Facebook page, or third party group.
If you're not sure whether or not something you want to post is advertising, PM a moderator. We're here to help. If you want to advertise on UG, you can do it officially by emailing advertising@ultimate-guitar.com

"Listen to my clips" Threads
We're sure you're very proud of your new song - go ahead and post it in the Recordings section. Got a sound clip showing off your new gear? Post it in the Ultimate Gear Demo thread. Please don't post threads just to get people to listen to your clips, though. Same goes for Youtube videos. There are places to show off your playing but this isn't one of them.

Settings threads:
Everyone's rig is different; everyone's ear is different. Settings that work for you do not work for the next person. Therefore, settings threads are not allowed as they are not productive. If you really think you need settings, use the Settings Thread

"Vs." threads:
Pitting gear against other gear is not allowed. That's not to say you can't ask, "which of these two wah pedals will work best for my styles?" Rather, do not post a thread asking "which of these two wah pedals is better," since that doesn't help anyone and only leads to arguments.

Side note: "Artist A" vs. "Artist B" threads will be closed and the user banned outright.

"Best" threads:
Essentially the same as the Vs. thread; "best" is an adjective which simply can't be applied to gear. It's all subjective. Again, asking what would work best for you within your budget for your styles of music is definitely an acceptable thread.

"What strings/picks does everyone use?"
We're all sick of these threads by now. If you're really interested, use the search bar to find a few dozen old versions of these threads.

Off topic threads:
Don't. These include:
  • Ads of any kind
  • Blatant spam
  • "Why does everyone hate the (spider, MG, etc etc)" threads
  • "Game" threads
  • Youtube review threads- don't just post your youtube video or a review from another site. Posting content that already exists elsewhere on the internet in order to draw more attention to is not productive, and it clogs up UG with duplicate and unoriginal material. It is also very often a tool used by people looking to exploit UG for advertising or stealth marketing.

Finally, here is a list of threads which have been made for information about specific gear. Please don't make duplicates of these. If you have a new one to add to the list please PM them to Roc8995 and they will be added to the list.
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(Many thanks to Jaekae for compiling this list)


- B-52 ownerz thread
The Blackheart thread
- Blackstar HT-5 Owners Thread
-Bugera Users Militia (for all things Bugera)
- The Bogner Club
- How about a V-series thread?
- y0 dawg, I herd u liek Diezel?
- The ENGL amp owners thread
- Egnater Ecstasis: The Official Egnater Thread V2
Epiphone Valve Junior
- All about the EVJ
- The Fender amp thread
Hughes & Kettner
- The Hughes & Kettner Thread
- For you who leik laney's
Jet City
- Jet City Amps Thread
-Gabe's Marshall thread
- You got the call?
-Orange amp owners, UNITE!
- The Rivera thread
-The Ultimate Roland Cube Thread
- the only thread for splawn amplification
-The ONLY Traynor thread
- The thread of the mysterious brotherhood of Vox

Metal amps thread
- The Only Gear for Metal Thread!!
Vintage amps
- Discuss everything vintage & reissue
Rack amps thread
- The Great Big Rack Amp Thread!
Fancy amp thread
- Boutique amps
Small, cheap tube amps
- ..info thread
Post-Rock thread
- Gear for Post-Rock

Pedals, effects, etc.

- If the ordinary ain't good enough
- The Delay Thread 2.0
- Discussion about the DigiTech line of pedals
- Discussion about all the EHX pedals
- The MXR lounge
- The Only Joyo Pedal Thread
- The ultimate od/dist and boost thread
- The pedalboard thread
- The pickup thread
- Got any questions about speakers?
Visual Sound
- Talk about the effects made by Visual sound
- Wah wah thread


The Amp Guts Thread
- Pictures of the inner workings of amps.
The DSP Thread
- Information and discussion of Digital Signal Processors.
The Speaker Thread
- Lots of information on speakers from MrCarrot
The Tubes Thread
- Everything you ever wanted to know about tubes
Manufacturer list
- The Ultimate Manufacturer List
Artist gear
- Find out what your favorite artists use
Rig discussion
- Talk about your rig
Rig pictures
- Show off yoh rig
Rate gear
- If you are in the mood to judge someones gear
- Get some opinions on your tone
Recording guide
- Some good info on recording
The Ultimate Settings Thread
- A good resource for settings. Refer to this thread rather than making settings threads.
Bubb Tubbs' Guide to Attenuation
- Everything you ever wanted to know about Attenuators
The Ultimate Gear Demo Thread
- A place for posting and finding demo clips of specific gear, curated by the illustrious 311ZOSOJHVH.
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Guitars ( Note: this take you to the Electric guitar part of the forums )

- All about Agile
- Discuss the Dean guitars
- Unite!
- Talk about the swedish Hagstrom guitars here
- The thread for the Jackson players
- Anyone out there?
-Ultimate Schecter thread

7 String
- For you who like to play with one more string
Guitar setup
- Questions & Answers
Hollow body
- Semi hollow/hollow thread
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