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Originally Posted by WilhelmTGFRyan
On topic but off; I want to major in music composition, am I stupid for doing so
there are currently 1758 jobs on the unemployment database here, and 0 of them require music composition.
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Originally Posted by AlanHB
Wow this thread sure is attracting a lot of poor advice.

This reminds me of an interview with a muso I read recently where he commented that so many musicians forfeit opportunities on the basis of some nonsense integrity that they think they have. In the end basically if you refuse work you will build a rep as someone who refuses work, and people won't offer you work. So your "integrity" stays, but you end up broke. Perhaps musician "integrity" is being nothing more than a music snob.

This is probably the best post in this topic. I think a lot of musicians have this idea of what's acceptable to do, this idea that you can 'sell out' by doing certain jobs. Speaking of pop musicians who are reviled by this forum, I dare say that if you were approached by Justin Bieber's agent, asking you to play guitar for him and the pay for the tour would be minimum 200,000, you wouldn't turn it down, and you'd be thick if you did. I would say a musician playing for a famous artist and being on massive stages each night has more integrity than a guy playing the local pubs with a band that all of 300 people have heard of.

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I was recently in exactly the same boat as you being a 16 year old wanting to make a living with guitar. Im now 21 working as a guitar teacher (over a year now) with a music diploma and gigging in a few bands. I am upgrading some high school courses to get into Engineering next year. Here are my thoughts;

1) If you want to earn a living with music, be prepared to teach and be prepared not to make much doing it (at first at least). Teaching is not easy, the students you get can and will test your patience. Good students are fairly rare at first. When they come be thankful and put your effort there. Be prepared to learn and teach a lot of stuff you do not care for.

Teaching can burn you out if your not careful. Its ironic but after having a guitar in your hand all day, you will find that you barely have time to practice sometimes.

The pay can be good but you dont always have 40hrs/week of students. There are a LOT of guitar teachers and not enough students for all of them so, unless your lucky, you will need to round out your schedule with gigs and most likely another job to make ends meet which brings me to my next point...

2) Do not pursue a degree in Music unless you want to teach as your primary source of income. Its not that a Degree is a bad thing, the experience is awesome Im sure, the problem is that it doesn't pay off very well as an investment 95% of the time (especially compared to other degrees)

You need to keep in mind you have to make a living somehow and those cities you want to move to are very expensive. You will not have fun making it on a few hours of teaching and a minimum wage job. Get a degree that you will actually be able to pay off and will make you some extra money. Or get a Diploma or a trade. Make more than minimum wage. As Hail said, you need money for food, gear, rent, car, etc. Also, getting a degree unrelated to music does not mean you will not have a successful music career. Its all about getting out there are playing and doing your homework in the woodshed (practice).

BTW If you think you will get a teaching position at a University (this was my plan for a while), I will be the first to say good luck. There are literally 1000's of struggling musicians with 20yrs of experience on you and a PhD in music performance wanting those jobs. Competition is fierce and is constantly growing and there are only so many job openings. You also need at least a Masters degree to be a candidate.

I'd recommend getting private lessons from one or several really good (best in your area) guitar teacher instead of spending money on a music degree personally.

3) Get out there and play. Seriously, and have fun doing it. I waited too long to do this and it was a mistake. Experience and contacts are key in the business and as long as you can play decently, you can start getting those things by forming bands and playing gigs. Also, don't give up if your first few bands are a disaster and goes nowhere. Almost everyone has been through that.

4) If you want to make your living 100% of playing music, then be prepared to play music you do not like (and learn to read as well as you can). Say yes to every gig that comes your way, regardless of style. Axeman Chris does a great post about making a living in music. It is not as glorious as you would think, sometimes you barely have time to play the music your passionate about. It is also difficult to do, you will have a lot of different jobs (teaching, church gigs, bar gigs, wedding gigs) and you may not make a lot of $$$ but it can be done.

Here are a few articles about this.

For writers but applies to musicians as well.
Don't quit your day job.
Eye opening story.
Originally Posted by The Spoon
Unless you're sure she likes you, telling her you like her has a 110% chance of failing.

But hey, at least you have a 10% chance of absolutely guaranteeing failure.

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anyone can do this thing, but you need to have a commited group for this thing and also a band to perform and get popular
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I personally know plenty of people who are career musicians, even straight out of school. They are insanely talented, prolific, and personable. It's hard to make a good living if you aren't all 3.

I'm not at that level yet but I'm not in a hurry either. Money's rolling in purty gud.

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Originally Posted by PhoenixGRM
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Originally Posted by sam b
Voted for Patron ıldırdı.

Originally Posted by PhoenixGRM
But our Band is Listana
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