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The funny thing is the first thing that probably happened to your car when it rolled off the production line is it got red lined in every gear from cold on a rolling road and then given a quick thrash outside. Then it would have been ragged in the docks at both ends of shipping before being given to you and your told to drive it carefully! !

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As soon as assembly finishes, it gets dyno'd all the way to redline. But still, that's just a QA test.

Also I doubt the shippers have the time or even the interest to rag on my car when they have an extremely tight schedule to keep and about 700 luxury brand cars to get on and off the boat in a matter of hours

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Break in routine varies, there's many schools of thought on that matter.
Most will agree on the oil and oil filter change after the break in period though !
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I always figured it was best to follow whatever the manufacturer recommends. If they say you should break it in a certain way, do it. If they say there's no need to worry about a specific break in period, I wouldn't worry about it.

They should know best. They did design and build the car after all.

If I had a brand new high end car, I know I'd take it easy to start.

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Originally Posted by Xiaoxi
@Bob, I feel you might be best equipped to answer this, although I'd certainly like everyone's input. There's a lot of controversy on the topic of how to properly break in the new car.

ps you guys should just get a set of blizzacks for your mustangs lolz
My official answer is follow BMW's recommendations. However when cars roll off the line at work they sure don't baby them. They're on the dyno within a minute or two of the first time they're started and they run them pretty hard so take that for what it's worth. My advice? Just drive it and you'll be fine.

Those new Shelby Mustang's have 305's in the rear. That'd be funny to try and swap those out with Blizzaks.

(and thank you for your kind words regarding my equipment.)
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Originally Posted by Xiaoxi
ps you guys should just get a set of blizzacks for your mustangs lolz

**** that noise, lips too low, snow's too deep, salt sucks. I'll stay with a pickup or SUV for my winter vehicle. I don't plan on getting stuck any time soon.

and I personally hold to the "baby it for 1200 miles" camp. like obviously giving it a little bit of a thrashing wont hurt it as long as you aren't doing it frequently, but as blayney said, MOST cars are gonna take a little bit of abuse before they're even sold. you're lucky enough to have avoided your car being test driven by just any asshole though, but for the most part, the salesmen don't care how the car is treated on a test drive and redline is not at all uncommon.

at the end of the day, there have never been cars like this, ever. this is 2015. the reliability of cars from today, and cars from your dads day is night and day. you can be assured that that bimmer can take a little bit of a thrashing and be completely fine.
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The "dont drive hard above X mileage" is just a liability thing. These are machines, not your dry girlfriend. They roll off the assembly lines ready to go. Manufacturers for the most part say dont thrash it right away so that if you do, and god forbid something goes wrong, they won't be left with the bill.
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