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Heyo everyone!

Looking for a singer to collab on. Lookin for that heavy punk sound. ala A Day to Remember, Escape the fate, ect.

Gonna be a little weird for some people so just move along if you think it's ridiculous. Lemme just off start by just posting a rough mix of the song im working on here: http://snd.sc/1gdDLkK

Yeah...that's "A thousand Miles" by Venessa Carlton turned into a heavy distorted, drum pumping number. And go easy on the mix, that was a mix i did almost 6 months ago.

If you're still not getting the picture may i direct your attention this way ---->

You all remember that lil number right? That's the sort of idea im going with, just having a little fun with it.

Basically, i started this song project about 6 or 7 months ago, had a singer lined up to sing it, but things fell through and i forgot about the project, now, i wanna start 'er up again and finish it off, for good or for worse.

I'm gonna have to go back and remix everything cuz i didn't know too much what i was doing back then...and i might still not, but i feel i've had to of gotten better and mixing and such.

Hopefully i can find somebody to give this a shot. I do have hopes for a few screaming bits, such as the bridge "and i, and i" bits. also a few shout backs in choruses and stuffs. Use your imagination. But the main vocals i feel need to be nice and powerful. All of the verses and choruses need to be sung, i feel, to make this mix work. But im not married to any of these ideas here.

If you're interested feel free to message me on here, although i don't check messages on here nearly as much as i should. You can also email me at amattson815@att.net. Ill be checkin!

Thanks and have a good day er'ybody.


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Female Fronted Pop/Punk Right HERE For Ya!
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Hey friends! Please check!
This is my solo project! tell me your opinion!
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Looking for someone to perform and record vocals on this! (unfinished track)(female or male)
I'm feeling an Imogen Heap / Sleigh Bells / ††† / Prize Fighter Inferno type vibe. If interested, send me a message through my Facebook page! I have some lyrics written but would definitely be open to collaborate or have you write lyrics. If it goes well I would love to put out an EP of this kind of stuff!

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This is one of my original song :
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and like us on www.facebook.com/radiohammerhead

If any of you have written anything good, send it our way, and we will play it on HH radio!
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I need a fuzzy black metal guitarist.
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Looking for collaboration on one or more of my songs on my SoundCloud station (link in sig).

I think my strength is finding chord progressions that are interesting, and create nice tension and resolution. What I've done is study hundreds of my favorite hit songs, from Otis Redding to Beatles to Rolling Stones to U2 and more, and a bunch of music theory. I then decided I did not want to put out another unoriginal I-IV-V type song, so I worked out some creative alternatives for chord progressions that I think are more unique, but still take an interesting journey creating some good tension and then releasing it. Ultimately, the progression has to "feel" right to me. Next, I think "Okay, if that progression is a question, what would the answer be?" And that's my frame of mind for coming up with a companion progression, usually in a different but related key, for my chorus. I think it's important the shift to the chorus feels smooth yet distinctive, and then the end of the chorus creates a really strong push into the start of the verse progression again. And I think the chorus should give some relief from the verse, so if the verse is very complex and minor-ish, I might then go with a chorus that is simple and maybe sticks with major chords. Again, I let what feels/sounds best to me dictate this. I should add that working out strum patterns is an intrinsic part of this process, and they just kind of come to me as I'm doing the chords, and I try to make that kind of interesting, too. Now, I'm not so good at recording my playing rhythm guitar, so on the SoundCloud versions what I've done is program the chord progression using MIDI synths, so the music sounds like electronica rather than rock, but I'm looking to try to get other musicians to help turn these into rock songs. Or, even to find collaborators to make these BETTER electronica songs since my MIDI synth programming skills are not too good.

So once I have these chords, I then hum or sing nonsense or whatever, over them, whatever feels right, and then I notate that as my lead melody (I suck at lyrics, so ultimately that's what the melody would be for, but I need a collaborator for that). For now, I just make it a lead instrumental melody. I do this also with a MIDI synth again because of weakness recording my live guitar work, and my singing. I could see however, finding a vocalist / lyricist who can lay down this melody as lyrics, and perhaps as lead guitar parts, and maybe create a solo based on it. (I'm not a great lead guitarist myself, so it does not hurt my ego to let another guitarist step in for this).

I then work out a bass line that starts with something simple -- root notes of my chord on the first downbeat of measure and halfway through measure (the 3 beat if its 4/4 time), and then I may work in some other notes from the chords in other places in the beat, to fit the rhythm of my strum pattern, and in this way I've found I can get a decent bass line, but I don't really play bass and would welcome a collaborator who might come up with better bass lines. I could definitely use a Bass Guitar collaborator, or even some one more versed in doing bass lines on MIDI synths or samples or whatever.

I come up with a drum beat similar to my bass line, starting with a basic rock beat on a drum synth - kick/snare, you know, with hi-hats or something like hi-hats on the 8th or 16th. Sometimes I might do the kick on every beat kind of like trance /electronica. I may play around with some variations that seem to fit the strum pattern I came up with, or the lyrical cadence of the lead melody. I may play around with adding some percussion embellishments, like cowbell or wood block, or exotic percussion stuff, depending on synth I'm using. I do the process for bass line and drums at least twice, once for the verse progression and once for the chorus progression, as I want these to have different flavors, though I also tend to keep some elements the same for continuity, not sure if I've quite got the hang of that. I'm not a drummer, so again I would welcome collaboration / advice from a drummer or more experienced drum synthesizer on this stuff. I'm not sure about the tricks to make drums sound fatter and such, too, so I need help with that.

Making these electronica songs, has made me think maybe I'd like to do more polished electronica versions of these songs instead of, or in addition to, rock versions. I think what really notice lacking is stuff like white noise sweeps, pitch rising through an octave or two as part of a big build, etc. I'd love to collaborate with some one who has more skills at making polished electronica music who can help add in those kind of things to give these songs more identity, like turning them into progressive trance, or DnB, or Dubstep, or something other than generic, video-gamish electronica.

So, anyway, if you have any of these skills, if you can hear anything you like in my songs on SoundCloud, and would be interested in a collaboration, let me know.

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Vibes - Mello Mood


Looking for someone to sing over any of my tracks, all are basically finished, willing to work though
All original by me, from the recordings, to mixing, to mastering
Very mellow, beachy tracks, but I love the feel

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks
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This is one of my original song, if you like it and you want to do collab with me, send me a PM :
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hey guys, got a prog rock track here needing some vocals if anyone is keen.
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also got a punkish metal one here, needs vocals.


and another quick punky track, vocals needed also.
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Are there any bassists out there that aren't fundamentalist Christians, money-hungry paper chasers or flakes? I've gotten tired of dealing w/ those assholes and my bass guys who are good/reliable are all busy or I've used them enough for other stuff.

I have a 5 song "dark experimental" all original EP of mine that has my finished vocals, midi drums/synths and most of my guitar guy's stuff done but I just need bass.

Please nobody who just hit puberty but other than that I'm pretty open to age. I also don't care where you're from, what you look like, who you like to f*ck, etc. Just need someone cool and reliable.

Lots of horror-themed anti-religious stuff but all in good fun. NO MONEY involved. I posted a big ass ad basically saying all of the same stuff.

Btw I've been singing, writing lyrics and making midi for quite a few years so no beginner here. I also already wrote out all the PDF bass tabs.

Somebody reliable por favor. PM me if interested.
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Searching for DONUTS!
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Anyone want to do vocals on this track? https://soundcloud.com/repulsive-impulse/feed-my-eyes I have no lyrics and am still working on a solo....PM me
Originally Posted by KeepOnRotting
God, you're creepy.
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I need someone to record the vocal track on my original metal songs 'A Cut Into The Fear', 'Trail of Brimstone' and 'Light' (they're on my YouTube channel).
The lyrics are already written and so is the melody, I just need someone who can sing and scream too.
PM me if you're interested, thanks!
Check out my YouTube Channel! Plenty of Metal covers and originals!
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would love to collaborate with few folks on an opeth cover... of one of the following songs:

- ghost of perdition
- blackwater park
- beneath the mire
- hours of wealth

anyways i can edit mix the tracks (got some samples on my profile)... oh yeah also program the drums... oh also.. i can do the vocals for em..

if someone's interested in doing the guitars/bass as well, would be cool..
my guitar's tuned to b standard now, so can do anything with that...

anyways, msg me if you're interested!

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I'm looking for someone who can write decent lyrics with vocal melodies. I'm working on a metal song called "Turtle Prince". It's sung from the perspective of Kenny Kooper, the second in command of Bowser (from Mario). I want to make it lawyer friendly but keep the theme. I've already written the guitar and bass parts (I'll let the drummer take care of his parts). It'd be preferred if it's in the baritone range and in G Major (my song's in E Minor). I'll give three inspirations as to what I'm looking for.

"Slick" (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World). It's a short but catchy villain song and has a bragging tone.

"Oogie Boogie Song" (Nightmare Before Christmas). Another villain song with a jazzy yet dark and mocking tone.

"You're only Second Rate" (Return of Jafar). This villain song is mocking, bragging, and extremely catchy.

I'd love a sample if you decide to help and please message me with a link. Have a nice day ...
"This is dedicated to the GUY who keeps yelling from the balcony its called we hate you please die."

Crash! from "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" (I'm a fan of that movie). Also he was referring to Wallace, Scott's gay roommate.
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Thumbs up

Hey everyone, I'm Cole! c:

I'm a 19 year old Ukulele player/singer/drummer from Vernon, CT. (mostly play uke and sing.)

I'm looking for either a local, or online alternative indie folk punk band.

I write original music, as well as can play many covers. c:

If you're in my area, I have a place we can practice, as well as mics, pa, and other equipment.
If you're not in my area, we can Skype to practice and create together and what not. c:

If you'd like to hear some of my music, here is a video:

And if you want to hear more, my soundcloud is:


I hope to hear from some of you!

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Looking for a bassist and a metal drummer for an original made metal power ballad
i´m using Cubase LE AI Elements 6 (don´t know if you need that)
right now there is no bass in the song and the only drums there is are presets
the guitar isn´t fully finished, still working on it, but it onely needs to be more tight
here is a demo of it so far :
if you are up for helping me, send me an message
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