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Well I tried to learn guitar at age 11 in school, but that never really worked out, because I didn't like the way it was taught in the big group and also trying to learn sheet music that I'd not had any experience with or what we were actually learning, so the guitar got put down until 2 years later in another music class, when we were persuaded to go in groups to learn some song as a "band." Well, nothing actually came of this session thing, but being in a room with a couple of friends with instruments persuaded me that I wanted to learn the guitar properly. So I got a guitar for Christmas that year (2004) and started learning. I started out with the easy stuff like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana, and took a few lessons to get me started.

The following year, me and friends decided to start a band, the problem being that there was no bass player. So in the summer, after getting my first and only "proper" guitar amp for my 14th birthday, I used some of the extra money I got from my birthday to buy my first bass. It was a 60 Jazz copy from Thomann. Really, I should have got a 5-string, but I spent the extra money on a cheap bass amp which I ended up selling anyway. So that is how I started out on bass. I also decided to stop with the guitar lessons at this point, since I decided I'd learned the basics and could do the rest myself.

I ended up getting a 5-string not long after and I was in and out of a couple of bands with friends for the following couple of years, and even ended up playing a couple of shows(!) in March of '07 on the bass. I think there is still an embarrassing video of the show I played and sang at our school hall somewhere. In September '07 I was booted out of that band even though I had helped set it up. Oh well, c'est la vie I suppose.

The starting out on drums was a different story. It was all about firstly getting the money together to buy it, and also convincing mum and dad that it was a good idea. What happened was that I ended up getting a bit of money together as a sort of combined "birthday and well done for passing your GCSEs" from my parents, which I used to buy some hardware. After getting some very cheap or free cymbals from shops and friends I decided to get lessons on that as well since I didn't actually have a full kit at home still. Then, as yet another Christmas present, I ended up with some proper drums to play on, and that was the beginning of my journey on drums.

I formed a band in summer '08 with me on drums and lead vocals and this guy I had found from an advert on guitar, and when my friend declared he was taking up bass in early '09, I recruited him for the position. We named ourselves Her Fatal Legacy We did a lot of practising, but never actually played any shows or anything, and finished with that at the end of '09. Me and the bass player friend tried it on with another band during the very end of that year and early 2010 but never really got anywhere with that. In September of that year I joined university in Manchester and auditioned for a couple of bands during the first year but never really got anywhere with any of them. Unfortunately, Manchester's music scene seems to be all indie and britpop and not really the heavier side of things that I was looking for. Not to mention they're all in places like Oldham and Wigan, rather than actually being in Manchester like they said on their advert! I am digressing now though.

This summer we got HFL back together. Sadly, it didn't last long since we were all at uni in different places but we did play one show, which was fun. So that is pretty much me up till now. I have also written and recorded a lot of music in the last 7 years and have my own solo facebook page, EddieHimself

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I started off in England a few years ago just writing lyrics and poetry, whilst vaguely learning the keyboard. I absolutely hated the routine learning system that the teacher put down, but fortunately a friend of mine showed me this glorious program - tuxguitar (basically guitarpro).

Tuxguitar allowed me to write all the ideas I had for instruments that I don't have, and most of the time they were awful because I didn't like to learn petty things like keys or time signatures.

I kept plowing forwards pretending I was still ignorant, getting great ideas and failing to establish them. Until eventually, now owning a guitar on top of my keyboard I was able to get things working as songs. Not everything I wanted, but enough to play things and invent.

The same friend who introduced me to tuxguitar brought my attention to Ableton Live and POD farm - meaning I could actually record ideas and gently lose limitations in tux. After a while I found that my catalogue of lyrics came to nearly 200, so I was able to convert a few into rudimentary, generally experimental songs which I had the gall to release onto bandcamp as 'Gather No Moss' - barabajagal.bandcamp.com/album/gather-no-moss

A short 5 song piece, highlighting my lack of ability in the studio, my inability to sing and my not complete knowledge of keys through dischords. The general sound was Joy Division/Syd Barrett/Frank Zappas bottom end. It was listenable, but very clearly a first attempt.

After this I wrote plenty of songs, of much better quality, which ended up being completed in New Zealand and released onto bandcamp as Marmite. barabajagal.bandcamp.com/

Marmite was released with the intention of being much more me and having a lot of different genres in one album, hence being love it or hate it on a song by song basis. I can't be sure whether people love it or not, but it certainly gets listened to - being 2nd most listened to in Otago and Dunedin, and making top 20 in New Zealand on bandcamp. But perhaps it is just bandcamp - no one has heard of me :p

Either way, I've started doing live shows, but due to the fact I am just me I can't perform songs on the album as they sound, I have to simplify them and thus ruin them on guitar.

As of now, I'm playing weekly at open mic nights and am recording for another album, probably called Imaginary Menagerie, and it's shaping up to be better in my view than Marmite.

Thanks for reading this far and thank you further if you followed the links
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When i was a young tyke, my cousin used to come down and he'd bring his guitar with and play all kinds of stuff, and i thought "Oh man, he must be the coolest man alive and get all the girls".

Picked up my grandma's old acoustic and played it religiously for 8 hours a day during a summer (I had no friends haha). Learned a lot of green day, nirvana, easier rhythm stuff as well as some picking like "Under The Bridge" - Chili Peppers

Slowly started to accumulate gear and just kept playing all through high school. Now that i'm graduating college with a degree in music industry I am still playing guitar, as well as many other instruments, and have been working on writing my own original tracks.

When summer comes around, a band i'm helping out with will be going on an east coast tour. Pretty pumped!

Cactus Picks
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Started playing the guitar when I was 18, was encouraged by an ex girlfriend to buy an instrument( she plays the drum) and also by Metal and rock bands like Metallica,Pink Floyd, guns n Roses etc plus I was growing tired of being a hardcore video gamer spending hours playing on a screen. After a while I taught myself how to play just by looking at tabs and I was progressing well but realized if I wanted to improve more quickly I would need a teacher, instead of playing songs all the time.

Its been a year and a half now since I started, I got a teacher and its pretty awesome and fun learning something every lesson . I'm looking for some people to play with so I can learn and it would be cool just to jam or even bigger plans. I just want to get good at playing the guitar
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Started "playing guitar" at like 12, never really practiced or put any time or effort into it. Started putting in an honest effort towards making music at 15, gradually started opening my mind towards actually getting better at my instrument (I used to be a really big 3 chords and the truth guy, just ask thePTOD) and now I'm actually trying to push myself to be somewhat of a player in the local music scene, as anemic as it is in my hometown.
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I started this thread how many years ago? I NEVER would have thought that I would get this many responses still this day.
meow :3
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Started as an acoustic player. In my 2nd, I shifted to alternative rock and stayed there for several years. Decided to learn the blues in my 9th year and still doing it until now. It's my 11th year of guitar playing.
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First guitar was a $40 Aria acoustic I bought wiht birthday money from my grandfather when I was 15.
Still have the first electric guitar I bought new in 73 - a 72 Fender Telecaster. Played in a high school band, then let things slide during college years.
Post-college played in a classic rock band and started writing (and playign out) originals. gave it up in late 80s when it stopped being fun and gigging got tough in the area - bands were playing 1 hour sets with 2-3 other bands per night at clubs.
Playing/writing became a 'once a month' thing until my wife got me a Guitarport that let me plug my Tele in the ocmputer and use all the FX I had never had before. Then I played at a priate party gig with some friends in 2010 and I realized I really missed playing in front of people.
By 2011 I had recorded and released my first CD - 40 years after starting guitar, so named it "40 Years of Life, Love, Happiness and all of those things". 2nd CD released in 2013. Played in a couple of bands in the last year+, currently running a regular open mic while looking for an acoustic band that needs another guitar/voice.
My reverbnation page

2012 Taylor 310ce
2011 Fender CD140SCE
Ibanez 12 string a/e
73 Epi 6830E
72 Fender Telecaster
Epi Dot Studio
Epi LP Jr
Chinese Strat clone
Washburn Mandolin
Luna 'tatoo' a/e uke
antique banjolin
Squire J bass
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I have been playing bass since middle school so for 14 years and have gone back and forth on upright versus electric bass. but ive done show tunes, classical music, jazz, pop etc but finally chose free improve because I love improvising all the time. I really love to be soloing on the bass so that was the life I chose but wanted to focus on something other than classical.
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Wellurh! Back when i was fifteen, i got a girlfriend who played guitar - nothing especially amazing, just some chords and that, and she played with some other people in some sort of youth-program thing - for SOME reason, this made me want to play, it must have intrigued me, cause she really wasn't that into it. I was already VERY into music, more for art and lyrical content than musicianship in itself, since i didn't play or understand music at the time. My fave artist was Marilyn Manson. Actually, still is. Rather unorthodox, but there ya go.

So i told my old lady, who happened to work at a boarding-school kind of thing for troubled youths, and she referred me to the guy who ran the music program at her school. So i went to him and got a few lessons, learned some basic chords, but after very few lessons, the guy, sadly, moved away, and i went lessonless for a long time. But in this time, i kept practicing, i learned the typical basic things from a few mates, such as Metallica rythm-parts and yada-yada.

Then at 17, i started at a school for weirdoes that don't fit in anywhere (Gotten kicked out of every school, ever) And since i played some pretty basic guitar, and i've always been a fairly bright and humourous guy, i managed to befriend a tattooed, longhaired fellow, who had been playing in tons of bands for decades, since he was a teacher at the school. Pretty much that whole year, all i did in school, every day, was go to the music room, and be taught guitar by this guy. 8 hours a day. It was awesome.
I was very into extreme metal at the time, still dig it, and this guy made me appreciate stuff like Neil Young, Gary Moore, Zeppelin and all kinds of stuff - he taught me pentatonics, the major scale - and at home i played constantly and figured out how to apply the scales and their relation to eachother by myself.

Also, at 17, i recorded a Black Metal album, being into that stuff, and being good friends with most of the TRVE KVLT people from back in the early 90ies who started that stuff in Scandinavia - so i recorded in a studio of a semi-famous friend (As famous as you can be in Black Metal, i suppose :p)

At that time, my girlfriend left me (The same girlfriend from the beginning), and that completely ****ed with my mind, and i grew very depressed - to be honest, a state i never managed to snap completely out of. That's when i started playing alot of very deprissive, sad, acoustic and clean songs in my room, and played with effects such as reverb and delay alot.

Then, i went to a boarding school thingy, where i met a guy who was the most INSANE shredmachine i've ever met, and a great friend. This guy would literally play Yngwie Malmsteen songs as WARMUP. And he introduced me to his, and since then, my own biggest guitar-hero. Buckethead. I fell completely in love with Buckethead, his ways of playing and his style and melody. So i got alot into technical guitar, and practiced it constantly. I am sad to say, i never became a shredmachine. But i became.. Better. Aloooot better.

Age 19, a new year, a new boarding school (Told ya i got kicked out everywhere), this one specialized in music - i applied as a guitarist, and i did learn alot while i was there (Till i was kicked out...), but probably the biggest change in my musical life happened then. Turns out i was a pretty ****ing amazing singer. And i just never realized - never seriously sang before. And i ended up singing with a ton of musicians on that school, and lending vocals on a handful of records for people who needed it and such.

The last few years are abit of a haze honestly. Guitar, songwriting..
Here i am, at the age of 22. And the last couple of months, i've completely stopped practicing guitar in the way i used to, my interest have strayed from playing great solo's to writing great songs. Or atleast try to. I spend my time writing riffs, lyrics and vocal melodies for a three-piece band, where i sing and play guitar at the same time (Which is hard as ****.. imo) We play alot of different stuff. I'm very based in 90ies rock, i guess, with my love for stuff like Manson, Smashing Pumpkins and Type O Negative - our Synth/synthbass dude is a total indiehead, and infuses everything with radiohead-esque ambience. And our drummer is a prog-rocker. Tbh, probably the best drummer i ever played with. He is amazing.

The only sad thing is that my voice have has ****ed up alot lately. I'm a chainsmoker. Been smoking 2 packs and then some, every day, since i was 12. so that's 10 years - i am finally beginning to feel it, with everyday breathing problems, and now it's affecting my voice too.

So my plan for the future is to try and pack in the smoking, keep writing songs, and attempt to become adept at playing and singing at the same time, i find the multitasking thing INCREDIBLY hard. Also, at the ripe age of 22 i have developed a teenage-esque obsession with The Smashing Pumpkins, especially Billy Corgan. Am i the only one to realize that he's probably GOD of the vocal melody? Frickin' immense!

This was long, and i doubt anyone actually cares about it, but i thought it would be fun to write it out, just to remind myself. And it was!

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I started this thread 8 years ago and you've been playing guitar for 7 years. I started this thread a year before you thought about picking up guitar. Hot dayum.
meow :3

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I was probably 10 or something. My brother took some basic guitar lessons from a teacher at school, and he and some friends had a cover band. I always thought it was cool, but I was never allowed to touch it because if obviously break it haha. Then the oldest brother(3 of us) started to play a bit.

12 years old. Then one day I was home alone(small town, not uncommon for a young kid to be home alone) and went into his room and plugged it, and I sat there making DJ noises with the side of my hand on the strings. I think I did it a couple more times and he noticed stuff was moved or caught me, I don't remember, and he said just be careful and don't wreck anything.

So my oldest bro was playing in the living room one day and I asked him to teach me. He taught me the Intro(using tabs) to between angels and insects by papa roach. I was hooked. Started playing all the time, saved up a little cash and I got a squire strat. I would sit and read tabs and learn songs for hours whenever I could. Sum 41 was my favourite band at the time, blink 182, easy stuff like that, then I started to listen to and play static x and a little heavier stuff and eventually Metallica.

2003(13) started to jam with a buddy of mine who played guitar as well. Played tons of Rammstein and Turbonegro. 2004ish we started to jam with the drummer of my brothers band, and Russell ended up switching to bass. Had a little 4 piece band going, guitar bass drums singer.
My brothers band's bassist quit just before they had a little garage gig, so they asked Russell to fill in and I tagged along as an extra guitarist(at this point I was on the same level as brother, maybe even a little better.) so after that show they kinda broke up and we asked bro to play with us, and we had a big party we were throwing, a rock fest kinda thing, and our singer was planning to go to the east coast during that time so we kicked him out and I took over singing(terrible singer.)

2006. The band was together for about 2 years, didn't play much live shows, maybe a couple a year, never any paying I don't think. Our drummer moved away and brother wanted out as he and I were the more dedicated of the two.
I was eventually asked to join a thrashy death metal kinda band which was tons of fun. I played with them for about 2 years, but they lived 2 hours away so travel sucked, so I left.

2008. Both brothers and a friend of ours and myself started jamming, and my brother switched to drums because we needed a drummer, and we needed a bassist, so the other brother decided to do it. Great, we have a band going, but none of us can sing(I couldn't sing still.) So we ask Fallon. We knew she could sing and liked the classic rock and stuff that we were playing.

We had about 8 or 10 songs, and there was a band playing at a bar a couple towns over. It was the teachers band(first paragraph) so we asked if we could play between one of their sets. He came and gave us a listen and liked what he heard.

Later that year, and a summer filled with learning music, we had our own PA system, and our first solo gig at the local bar for Halloween. For the next couple of years we started to get a lot of gigs, expanding our set list, and starting to get comfortable.

2014 I was asked to join another local band because their guitarist was starting a new job and couldn't commit 100%, so I was a third guitarist, but he quit shortly after because he was having another kid.
End of 2014 and the singer and rhythm guitarist left to pursue here solo folk stuff(basically just an acoustic playing chords below everything, it sounded terrible imo.) leaving me as the sole guitarist which is a nice change from the 5 piece of the other band.

We were out our singer though, which wasn't bad. I have developed a decent voice these days and get better at singing every day. Our drummer has a nice deep powerful voice as well. I thought we could pull off a 3 piece and we share the singing(we already sang a few songs each) but our bassist figured we needed a singer again, so she asked a friend without consulting is. It worked out just fine though.

I kind of got caught up in the moment and just wrote and wrote so I may have gotten off track of what I should have been on, but whatever! Enjoy.
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So I started when I was 9, taking lessons over the summer with my fourth grade school teacher, who would always play songs with his guitar. I had a crap Yamaha with no electronics.

Went over basics, learned how to read music, etc. Started playing actual songs, and I caught on insanely fast compared to other people.

After the summer ended I no longer had time, but I kept playing, but I was learning slower because he wasn't there.

5th grade I kept going, and I played with my teacher at our school stage playing christmas carols to everyone for around an hour (My first gig came quickly, lol) I started on an acoustic without electronics, so I wasn't amped and nobody could really hear me, but hey, its a start
Christmas, I got my first electric guitar and amp. It was a Fender Squire (Like a mini-strat, but crap) and I had a tiny solid state amp that I still have

6th grade was uninteresting, but there was a crappy concert elementary school band program that I had interest in but didn't join because I couldn't.

Before jumping into middle school and High school, I had also learned really childish drum set, consisting of only rock beat.

Now onto 7th grade.

From my elementary school, you could go to two different middle schools, most of them went to one, and I was one of around 10 people who went to the other one, so most people were new to me.

I joined the school concert band as a percussionist, again catching on really quickly, but I never did my assigned practice records and playing tests
I also played guitar for the jazz band, which was pretty solid for the two years I was there. I learned all my scales on guitar, pretty much mastered barre chords. Theory wise, I grew a lot, learning ideas for chord progressions and such.
At the same time, I took lessons from a really good guitarist at my local guitar center for the blues genre. I don't feel like there was much I could pull from that experience, probably because blues isn't my thing playing-wise

8th Grade
Continued concert band (Which, for 8th grade was named symphonic band). I became the section leader for percussion, was the only one who could:
-Play a buzz roll
-Play diddles
-Use a 4 mallet grip on keyboard instruments
So, things were pretty good for me.
Along with that, I played at our middle school fundraiser (Titled "The Spaghetti Dinner") which included what was basically an open mic, people usually sang along to a backing track or played their instrument as a solo. I was unique, picking up my guitar and playing "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton. Nobody knew I sang, and I didn't have any confidence in my own abilities because nobody ever gave me feedback because nobody knew.
So, at the audition, I made my music teacher cry because it's kind of a sad song.
Of course she said a lot about me the next day after that happened, and everyone was pretty much in disbelief
The day before the actual event, my teacher asked if anyone would like to perform their solos so that they get used to the pressure. Naturally, everyone wanted me to play, so I did.
I made 3 of my friends cry, and one in particular made me feel really bad because she was completely breaking down because her father died not even a month before
And of course, the actual performance went great, had a bunch of people coming up to me afterwards and congratulating me and stuff, and that really hooked me into this, because now I found what people think of it and I found confidence in it.

Before I transition into High School, we had an event called Pep Night where we go to a football game with the High School Marching Band, and we see their field show, and I was in awe as to what I was going to get in to.

High school: Freshman Year (Almost to the present)
The time of mediocrity and stuff like that.

I did Marching Band, Concert Band, and Winter Percussion. All I have to say, ****ing amazing. I played 5th Bass in the drumline for Marching, 4th Bass in Winter

Marching Band:
Undefeated NCBA Season (General and in High Percussion)
8th in WBA Grand Championships
Not to mention, lots of fun
Our Show: (Titled "Mysteries of Ancient Egypt")

Concert Band:
Sucks. Concert Band always sucks compared to the marching activities.

Winter Percussion:
Undefeated season.
1st time competing in WGI (World Guard International) as an open class ensemble
- Won 1st at Fresno (Not that much of a big deal in terms of the whole scale of WGI)
1st place by 6 points (Thats actually a shit ton) at Northern California Percussion Alliance Championships

Our Winter Percussion Show (Titled "Diary of a Madman")

Now we are in the present, I am section leader for the Bassline

On the guitar side, I began making recordings that were mediocre at best, and I pretty much fell in love with Damien Rice's music, I just absolutely adore the way his lyrics flow and his simplicity in music writing, not to mention it's dense with metaphor and there's always some good story with it.
My cover of Volcano by Damien Rice

I played Tears in Heaven again for our school talent show, and I played Broken Angel by Boyce Avenue for our solo recitals (mandatory for freshmen) along with a Snare Drum solo
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Andrew Plumer
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This is very helpful to read, thank you all.
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