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Any tips on where to put a pick when going from picking to slapping and popping?

Like the title says, where do you put the pick if you want to go from a picking section to a slap section? More specifically, going from picking->slap->back to picking. I know on guitar an easy work for tapping is to tap with your middle finger, is there any trick like that for bass and slapping?
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In your mouth is usually my go to. Just don't swallow that bad boy
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i somehow manage to put my pick on my pinky or ring finger freeing up my thumb and first two digits

but mouth is the go to place
or throw it at the crowd if you dontlike your pick(do not try with heavy picks)
a youtube link?
maybe you should click on it

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I just keep holding it in my hand with my ring finger.
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I put it between my middle and ring fingers at the knuckle. I really can't explain how I do it lol
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Hold it between the sides of the tips of your ring and little fingers. With practice, you can comfortably swap to fingerstyle, slapping, and tapping techniques, and back to picking, with little issue.
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oh the horror!
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Between my teeth in my mouth. Yeah, not the most sanitary method, but works.
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either as anarkee said, or i curl on of my fingers around it depending on whether i'm slapping or just straight finger style
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If it's really an issue, buy double sided tape, buy a shedload of cheap plectrums, and stick them to the back of your headstock.

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I don't often use a pick but when I do I plop it in my mouth if I have to use it again during the same song. Or I throw them on my pedal board and pick them up later.

Have you considered getting a pick holder with a Velcro or some other kind of adhesive and putting on your bass someplace like the back of the headstock or down by the volume/tone knobs.

Such as this?
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