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Dear Green Day,

This below
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"I give it a toshuggah-peroacheract out of thall"

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i haen't enjoyed them for the last 5 years
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It's not even worth anyone's time to answer the question. It's redundant (every pun intended). The fact that you have the time to post about something you dislike is pretty whiney in my opinion. The reasons you stated are exact opposite opinions to any Green Day fan. For example, many people would disagree the fact that BJ is not a talented singer/guitarist/songwriter. It's literally ALL based on opinion. And I'm pretty sure it's not their fault their music gets overplayed. If I were you I wouldn't even bother with the radio, it's all a crappy gimmick.
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Pacifica Ocean
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I have no idea what kind of music the OP is actually into but you could say the same thing for all types of metal/core- that it's just extreme gain and screaming.
It's quite pathetic that you have to get other people to agree with you about hating Green Day online when you likely don't actually know that much about them. I think every song you listed was a single and let's be honest, after releasing that much material, sure not all of it is going to be amazing. Secondly, Billie Joe's singing fits perfectly to Green Day's sound. So what, he might not be Pavarotti but as someone posted earlier, it is what is is- and what it is is a fun, catchy pop-punk band. Also, based on you making this thread- I'm pretty damn certain that both Billie Joe Armstrong and Jason White are both much better guitarists than you.
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Originally Posted by barden1069
I just like to imagine that my neighbors enjoy their free, nightly concerts.

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Green Day for me was a great band to start playing guitar to. The songs are fun, easy and best of all, helped me branch out to more complex bands.
Originally Posted by lolmnt
I love to have my vag pounded by guys who make lame threads on the internet!

Originally Posted by snipelfritz
This thread topic is gold. I've been on this website for 8 years and I've never come up with anything like this. So yeah. Great job TS[457undead].
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Green Day and their fans are not worth taking seriously.
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Liked them when they first started out. When their first album was really, really, new it was a fresh departure from a lot of the other stuff at the time. I guess thats what led them to become so iconic. As a whole they are good songwriters if not guitar masters.
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Emenius Sleepus
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most people's reasons for liking them will be the opposite opinion on the same things you hate about them. Catchy, uncomplicated songs about chilling out and social issues at a level a 13 year old that knows no other music can relate to. Voice quality is purely a matter of opinion and some people like his tone of voice. Whatevs

"Their lyrics aren't appealing" - neither are Bieber's. Still manages to find an audience.

There are enough people, quantitatively, to like ridiculous shit.

But more importantly, why do you care? Not a particularly good band, but catchy simple songs - many are content with that. Not a good reason to like a piece of music, but the fault is with people's understanding of taste, and lack of standards - not Green Day

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Emenius Sleepus
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Originally Posted by pAWNlol
Dear Green Day,

This below

she's getting more than you are anyway

"Национальный танец русских - это на ваших ебаных могилах".
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kingdom lights
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Maybe because their lyrics just does not appeal you that much but because the radio keep playing them even the songs were released as singles few years back, people keep hearing and tend to like the song because of the thought "it seems really famous, really" and everywhere you walk there's this guy who sings "wake me up when september ends".
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They're badass. End of discussion.
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Everyone... excluding myself as well.

for your valid points.

and the fact that i hate pop music.
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