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posting here again with a different answer.

Yes anyone can learn to sing, but depending on the person, it can be extremely challenging to learn.

The things you have to cover as a singer

Breathing: You should always breath with your upper abdominals. breathing from your chest or pushing out your stomach voluntarily will not allow you to use a full breath. Put your hands on your upper abs while you sing, they should inflate as you inhale, and slowly deflate as you sing and exhale.

Vocal tract relaxation: Singing a scale of notes while keeping your mouth completely still will help relax your throat. Also singing in the most relaxed way you can, will help relax it; as if you are sighing quietly.

Basic resonance: using your falsetto, direct your sound to your soft palate/nose, rather than going out your mouth.

Nasal resonance: you have to maximize your nasal resonance to sing good. Basically, just sing in the most sissy girl way you can while directing EVERYTHING to your nose. That means you SHOULDN'T rely on your throat, just your nose.

Mixing: When you have a good nasal resonance, use the vowel "Oh" to start blending both of your registers. "Oh" is better to practice with than lyrics, because lyrics can make your vocal space smaller than it needs to be.

Most important tip: never pull up your chest voice. you have to take a chest voice and blend it into a good upper register. Pulling your chest will prevent you from blending and if you try to blend, you will be blending into a powerless upper register.
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I started off with absolutely no natural singing talent, I sounded horrible, was off pitch, tone sounded like a breathy 11 year old lol. I sang for a friend of mine who was lead singer in my band, he told me I was the worst singer he had ever heard and that I should never try to sing again haha. That was enough to motivate me, now I can sing better than him.

Ive improved a ton, when I compare myself to my old recordings of myself a year ago. Im still not great but im progressing every day, I feel I can become great if I continue to work every day on it, but rome wasn't built in a day. I know that Luciano Pavarotti (regarded as the best male opera singer) had to work on his voice for years and years before he first sang live.

If I can manage to sing, anyone can, get singing lessons, its a MUST if your not a natural singer (i always say if lessons aren't an option atleast get a singing program, Singing Success is a good option to have). Ive learned to enjoy the process of learning singing technique, the ins and outs of it, and all that encompasses the voice, it really is quite interesting.
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well, I suppose not everyone can learn how to sing, but if you have a musical ear (as you probably do cuz you play guitar), you will probably have a knack for singing as well. Even people with "bad" voices can end up singing well an uniquely, like Tom Delonge, etc
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