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Originally Posted by Offworld92
+1, big reason why I answered seriously in the first place. It's a good idea, but yeah, could have been executed better.

Yeah, crappy recording equipment...bleh...

What's a good, affordable mic?
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Audix i5 & Shure SM57. I haven't personally used an i5, but I hear they're good for accurately reproducing what you actually hear. 57 is good just because it is the industry standard - it has it's own EQ, but it gives you a good idea of what to expect in comparison to every other amp demo out there done with a 57.

Do you have an audio interface?
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And we know that you can dial in an amp because? After owning the amp for a while it will sound different because you will learn how to dial it in.
Nice concept but no, just no. Those clips tell us jack shit.

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i don't see a real point to the thread either like kevin, and R45VT had a good point too. get what you want, you know what you want.

if you want better results go for something specific. i don't care if its nirvana or lamb of god or anywhere in between. or at least play the same thing every time.

what were you using? maybe we could help you tweak something better than what you have.
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Originally Posted by andersondb7
alright "king of the guitar forum"

Originally Posted by trashedlostfdup
nope i am "GOD of the guitar forum" i think that fits me better.

Originally Posted by andersondb7
youre just being a jerk man.
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GLS Audio ES-57 is supposed to be a very good SM57 clone. Some people actually prefer them claiming they have slightly better clarity and are brighter.
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I didn't like the tone on those Youtube clips. Not at all. Your tone was similar to those, so I guess in a way, you've been successful. There's my $.02
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Out of tune guitar, poor quality recording.....seriously, there's no way I'd judge blind from these. Great idea but you'd need much better execution to pull it off.

Originally Posted by kindadumb
Eh, I've tried that kind of thread multiple times and it didn't do much for me, so I'm trying something else.

The impression I get from your previous threads is that you're trying to build your rig around a pedal.

Stop doing that, it's a waste of time. Get an amp with the sound you like, and then use pedals to complement it. Stop messing about with this 'clean amp with a fuzz pedal in the FX loop' idea, and just buy an amp that makes the sound you want in the first place.

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