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I was in a BOTB a local radio station was putting on. The first prize was to open for goddamn Bon Jovi at the god-forsaken Man City stadium (about 50,000 people). It was supposed to be for local unsigned bands. We got all the way to the final three bands and this band rocks up. They were clearly neither local nor unsigned. Leather pants. Big Hair. Huge decorated van. All their top-of-the-range gear in heavy-duty flight cases. They were a right arrogant bunch of cunts too.

We did have a secret weapon though. Given that we were actually local, we brought about 100 down to the tiny venue the final was held in, which was enough to pack the place. One of the other bands brought a few people down, and the hair metallers didn't bring anyone, because they were from god-knows-where. The whole crowd went mental while we were playing.

Needless to say, they won and we came second and missed out on the chance to play a stadium. What makes it worse is that the band are now starting to get quite big and every time I see them, I want to punch them. That band were Heavens Basement. They're on the motherfuckin' front page of UG this very day.

Here's a video of the event, featuring the one-and-only Johnny Ibanez on lead guitar at 1:48. The third place band don't feature in the vid.

Not bitter though.

Not even bothered m8.
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Probably not what you want to hear, but I used to like Heaven's Basement <_<.

Not anymore though, as they changed their singer. Also I'll use your story as another reason.
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Originally Posted by McTodd

Good job, guys!
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OK. I've posted this before so some of you may already have read it, but I think it's worth repeating it here.

So back in 1987 I was in a punk/metal crossover band called The Filth Patrol. We had a 6'8" guitarist called Lurch and a 5'2" guitarist called Aidy Virus, a drummer called Diggle, and a bassist called Dom (Dominic Brunt) who went on to play 'Paddy' in the British soap opera 'Emmerdale'.

I was the singer and the only guy in the band with any experience at that point.

So, anyway, we'd seen an advert that went something like;
'Bands wanted for Battle of the Bands!'
We'd already done several battle of the bands type gigs and we always ended up coming second to a group called 'Slag'. Slag were the local glam rock band of the time.

Anyhow, I digress, I rang this guy up about a spot in this battle of the bands thing and he actualy said to me 'Erm, I don't suppose you know anything about how you run one of these do you? Only, I've never done one before. If you help me out and show me how to organise one, I'll fix it so that you win.'
The prize money was £300, and we were lucky if we got paid at all for a gig in those days.
I thought about the moral implications of this for about half a second and agreed to it, as long as he didn't tell the rest of my band or anyone else.
On the night, everyone (including Slag) was firm in the belief that Slag would win yet another battle of the bands and they were even standing up to walk to the stage as the winner was being announced, when the announcer said 'Filth Patrol'
The place was in shock, but it was a popular decision and the crowd went wild. Our two mishapen guitarists were on their way out of the door of the building because they had assumed that Slag had won as well and they had to be chased after by someone and told the news.
We did our encore, collected the cash and partied for the resr of the night, and the guys in the band were riding high off that result for months afterward.
And erm, I er....never actualy got around to telling them that I'd fixed the competition.
So, for all the years since then, they all thought they'd won because they were the best band there that night, but it was me, I did it, and if any of you guys are reading this, I'm sorry....

.... but you must admit, it was a DAMN good party.
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Sorry, all I'm taking from that story is...

= punx.
Manchester United

I'm part of a film-making/videography company in Shropshire. Please like us on Facebook.


Youtube (I play video games badly)
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