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Originally Posted by Thrashtastic15
ahem komarov is a great contract ahem

whered ya go ryerson bud

nah, better program than ryerson's
Originally Posted by yellowfrizbee
What does a girl have to do to get it in the butt thats all I ever wanted from you. Why, Ace? Why? I clean my asshole every night hoping and wishing and it never happens.
Bitches be Crazy.
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panthers season tickets
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Originally Posted by Acϵ♠
nah, better program than ryerson's

some dude that talks to himself on the bus?
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Year 4 of my compsci degree is starting to look completely meaningless in terms of educational value. Seems like the course offerings just got padded on to meet degree requirements. Shouldn't be all too surprised though. Can't really go too deep into real compsci whe you strip all the math requirements from the program.
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If I take 2 classes in the summer and do some "internship for credit" thing next semester + 4 classes I can graduate in the spring I did all my major requirements already too so I can take all electives

3 years and done at age 20 time 2 live my life
Originally Posted by crazysam23_Atax
Is the officer going to ask for the butt, so he or she can check whether it is hot?

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In lesbians with you
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I realized the other night that if I do 18 credit hours each semester for the next 3 semesters I can graduate after my sophomore year. But I'm not gonna do that cause it'd be miserable.

I'm dying.
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Just picked up my first semester courses and sections. Got no work to do on friday and only 2 hours of lecture on wednesday. Also 4 hour break between two classes on monday and thursday so I can go to gym inbetween. Pretty happy with my schedule.
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Anybody else just start a grad program within the last few months? Ph.D? Masters, M.B.A, etc?

If so, what for? Where at? Why did you choose to go one step further with your education? How's it going so far, do you enjoy it, etc?

I'm about 3 months into a Ph.D program for molecular genetics & genomics at Washington University in St. Louis. Was pretty amped to get accepted here, and the transition to a new city hasn't been too bad. I haven't even gotten shot or anything yet. Almost made it 2 months before my car got broken into as well, so all in all, going well.

Anyway, I need a Ph.D to do much high level research, which is my ultimate goal. It's also a necessity to be a tenure-track professor at a university, if I decide to go that route. Cancer genetics is where my interests lie, and I've been trying to get exposed to different types as I do my research rotations. Classes are pretty meh, but as the first round of exams are coming up, I'll probably spend the weekend cramming. The research here is top notch though, and I've been quite happy with my experience so far. It's kind of a strange transition, as you have a lot of freedom to screw up as a grad student. It's liberating in a way, but a big change from my previous undergraduate experience where there was always someone kind of guiding my hand.

Long hours a lot, but I've generally not minded, as I knew what I was getting into and have picked my labs carefully thus far.

Anyway, who else is enduring the grad school grind here?
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