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first band would of been one of the many melbourne based blues bands, don't remember who though.
first actual big band I saw was AC/DC.
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Status Quo! The were rocking all over the world that night.
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Vow Wow, 1987.
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Apart from the local bands, the first big bands I saw were Blink 182, Sum 41, with some other bands at a one day festival.
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Testeagles and beverloop when I was about 13
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Daniel O'Donnell, with my mum and my nan. I was like 6 at the time, sitting through his set surrounded with the stench of coffin dodgers was utter torture.
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My dad took me to see John Hiatt when I was very, very young... and we went to see Coldplay as a family when I was in 7th grade.. not too proud of that one.

The first band I ever actually wanted to go see was Angels & Airwaves with my girlfriend in 8th grade, and the first one I ever shelled out cash for was probably Megadeth.
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It depends, first band I wanted to see or just first band.

If it is just "First concert" (regardless of willingness) I was about 7 and my mom made me go with her to a Kenny Rogers concert.

Otherwise it was KISS in 1979.
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I think it was the mighty Saxon in 1986
Vow wow were supposed to be supporting but we got Fahrenheit instead
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Originally Posted by blake1221
please do. We got some hella good acts coming through in a bit.

and one of my bands' tour kick off is on the thirteenth, and itd be sweet if you made it out :3

Yeah for sure. You have a link for that? There's a band that just got signed that wants me to play for them, so if I do that place might be cool to start at.
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Trivium, but only by default. I was there to watch Iron Maiden, and they happened to be supporting
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Nine Inch Nails, Fragility 2.0 tour, I think it was 2000, I was about 13 years old. 'Twas awesome.
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Technically, I first saw Volbeat. They were a special guest for a tour with Rob Zombie and Megadeth. It was amazing, and Dave Mustaine did great for his age. Rob Zombie was walking in the crowd and I manage to stand like 4 feet away from him ^_^
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Status Quo with my parents. I didn't really enjoy it because it was too loud, i couldn't see shit (i was about 8 years old), and i don't even really like the band that much. The went to see them again a few months later, but i didn't go, and have been put off them for life.

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