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Originally Posted by Shadowofravenwo
Cool site, but the pickups appear to have no brand names. How would I know how the sound?

They are GFS brand, meaning they deal directly with the consumer and cut out the middle-man distributor (hence lower prices).

I've been using GFS pickups almost exclusively this past year and have found them to be quite good for the price (I've dropped different pickups in four guitars). If you go this route, I recommend a Dream 90 neck and Fat Pat bridge, may not be the exact Les Paul tone, but it's my favorite configuration from their line.

YouTube will also give you sound clips for them, though sound quality isn't the best when compressed through YouTube.

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Originally Posted by Shadowofravenwo
Cool site, but the pickups appear to have no brand names. How would I know how the sound?

They are their own brand of pickup called GFS.
Some are really good, and some are not that great. I have a few of them and I am very pleased with the quality and the tone I get from them.
The Fat Pat humbucker is really good, I like it more than the Dimarzio Super Distortion that it replaced and it is only $30ish and the Dimarzio is $70ish
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Originally Posted by Shadowofravenwo
I have no idea what those sound like, as this one is unplayable.
Even if it was brand new, that guitar wouldn't sound like a normal Les Paul Junior or Special.

Basically, Juniors/Specials (proper, set neck, Gibson ones) have a darker and thinner tone than a regular Les Paul, quite simply because they are thinner. The carved maple top that normal LPs have adds a lot of 'body' to the tone, giving you more bass and treble, and the Junior and Specials lack this. Additionally, Juniors and Specials usually have brighter-sounding pickups in them, which further exaggerates the difference between them and the much thicker-sounding normal Les Pauls. They can also be described as sounding like a very slightly brighter version of a Gibson SG.

Juniors and Specials were very popular in the late 60s and up to the late 70s for blues-based rock and early punk and are still popular for pop music and pop-punk.

That is worth a lot. What would you recommend instead?
If you want a thicker sound like a standard Les Paul, try a Seymour Duncan 59/Custom Hybrid for the bridge and a Pearly Gates for the neck; DiMarzio Breed and Tone Zone pickups will give a similar sound but with more output, if you like that.
If you do fancy trying the traditional Les Paul Junior or Special tone, take a look at the DiMarzio Bluesbucker and Seymour Duncan Phat Cat. The Phat Cat is the closest in sound to the old Juniors/Specials, but it hums; the DiMarzio is a little bit more modern-sounding, but it is hum-cancelling.

Cheaper brands like Guitar Fetish, IronGear, Wilkinson and Tonerider all offer their own versions of these pickups, though these cheaper pickups never sound quite as nice as the proper brands. It's up to you whether you think the sound or saving a bit of money is more important.

Though, since you'd be overhauling this guitar anyway, you might want to check out Seymour Duncan P-Rails. These give you several different tones in one. Using Seymour Duncan's Triple Shot mounting rings, or two push-pull pots (replacing the volume and tone controls in the guitar), you can get thick humbucker (standard Les Paul), thin humbucker (SG), P-90 single coil (Junior) and an additional thin single coil tone (Strat), all in one. They're totally jack-of-all-trades pickups, not perfect at any one sound, but that makes them rather handy for these fun mod jobs. It's a good excuse to experiment with wiring.
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Sweet! Lots of ideas for these guitars. I was goi g to make them my drop-d/c guitars anyway. Tunings I don't play on a regular basis but do have interest in.
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Originally Posted by Shadowofravenwo
Please no "of course not, it's an Epiphone -duh" replies.

Just because you ask us not to say it doesn't make it any less true.

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