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View Poll Results: Yngwie or JP
Yngwie Malmsteen 12 26.67%
John Petrucci 33 73.33%
Voters: 45. You may not vote on this poll

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Petrucci wins any day in my book


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Yeah Petrucci is very good, but can he do this?
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I prefer Yngwie Malmsteen to Petrucci, it's probably because I like a lot of classical music.
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Personally I find Petrucci's music quite boring and gimmicky, and he's like watching grass grow on stage....

Malmsteen is quite repetitive, but seems to be spontaneous at times and is a lot better to watch....
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Agreed ^
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I really respect Petrucci, I mean how can you not give props to someone who's achieved even half of what he has? But I gotta say I don't enjoy listening to him. His tone and playing are very sterile to my ear. I've tried many times to enjoy Dream Theater but I just don't seem to be able to.

Yngwie has life and energy and raw emotional power in his playing and I really dig it. He's a very improvisational guitarist and that gives his playing a level of freedom that just shines through everything he does. And his tone is just to die for.

Both of them have the capacity to write lyrics and vocal melodies that make me cringe.
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Petrucci is a much more well-rounded musician than Yngwie.
Also, I have to agree with Axegrinder, after that last album, I really think they need to lay back and think things through before their next album.
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I used to find Petrucci "talented but sterile sounding" as some people say, but after a while of focussing on his playing on Dream Theater records I came to enjoy him a lot more. Like most things it's enjoyable once the ear gets used to it.
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Originally Posted by sheumack111
Personally I find Petrucci's music quite boring and gimmicky, and he's like watching grass grow on stage....

Malmsteen is quite repetitive, but seems to be spontaneous at times and is a lot better to watch....

I like Yngwie more, but I do like Petrucci a lot. Out of curiosity, how is Petrucci's music gimmicky?
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Petrucci. By far
His music has evolved over the years, i disagree on the 'sterile' part. Listen to his solos from the album 'Falling into infinity' and you'll see a lot of bluesy soloing, 'Systematic Chaos' has his signature shreds, His older stuff has a lot of technique too. His solo album 'Suspended Animation' contains few of the best guitar instrumental songs i've ever heard. Listen to Tunnel Vision , Animate Inanimate etc. WAY more broad musically than Ynwie. Ynwie has godlike technique, but he doesn't use it as openmindedly as JP.
Overall, JP
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Yngwie for me, I find his playing to be more energetic and flamboyant (as others have stated), especially when he was young. And I find Petrucci's ultra-smooth tone to be downright annoying, while Yngwie's tone was amazing in his early days. Petrucci is still a good player imo though.

If you've never seen them before, check out the youtube videos of Yngwie when he was in Alcatrazz. If the term god-like could ever be applied to a guitarist, it was him at that time. Unfortunately his technique, writing, tone, and pretty much every other aspect of his playing took a total nose dive after Trilogy. He has gotten a little better recently though. He's cleaned up his sloppy playing from the 90's and started to make better music.

As far as their attitudes go, I couldn't care less if either is a jerk or not. In fact, one of my favorite things about Yngwie is the fact that he knows he's good and he's not afraid to say it.
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I like Yngwie up until trilogy, however I think that Petrucci has been more consistent throughout his career
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Very difficult... I FAR preferred them in their first years of success: Malmsteen on his first three albums (and especially Alcatrazz!) is just mindblowing, primarily (for me) due to that unbelievable bending and vibrato (end of Overture 1383 anyone?), but after that car crash around 88ish he lost my attention.

I saw Petrucci at The Marquee in London in 92 and he was SO hot it was ridiculous!

But in recent years (in fact from Awake onwards - apart from LTE and Explorers Club which are great!) he's had an abrasive edge to his playing that I'm not copacetic with - and since he's been doing all that Rusty Cooley studying I actively dislike much of what he does, particularly live.

When he thinks melodically he's great - as is Yng.

I dunno, in the end I'd have to say that Yngwie (despite the fact that he's become a parody (of a parody!) of himself) is the most important player if you look at the influence he had, but nowadays I (just!) probably prefer John. (just wish he'd have a rethink on his approach and got back to Images & Words/LTE tones/emotion and approach).

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Tbh, it's really not possible to choose, on one hand you have Malmsteen, who is more or less the 'Jimmy Hendrix' of shred, oh the other hand you have Petrucci, who has taken an idea and 'run with it' as it were.

You can't honestly compare them, to me that's like comparing Deep Purple or early Sabbath with AJFA Metallica/Opeth, it's just 2 different ways of treating the same thing, one builds on the other, but at the same time, it couldn't exist without the other
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he sucks, why woudlnt u play guitar with a pick? oh ya, thats cuz you suck. kerry king owns whoever this guy is

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Tone = Yngwie. It just sounds like a guitar instead of distortion.

Tecnique = Petrucci is much more complete in such department but Yngwie plays all his stuff thru' improvisation only which is highly impressive.

Songwriting (solo-wise) = Yngwie. He is pure feeling while Petrucci is mechanical.

Songwriting (not-solo-wise) = I have no opinion.
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