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Originally Posted by DisarmGoliath
Re: Spirulina, I can't find any decent evidence of any extraordinary claims, Chazz... in fact, even the wikipedia page says:

The U.S. National Library of Medicine said that spirulina was no better than milk or meat as a protein source, and was approximately 30 times more expensive per gram.[10]


According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, at present there is insufficient scientific evidence to recommend spirulina supplementation for any human condition, and more research is needed to clarify its benefits, if any.[22]

Its just higher protein by weight kelp, essentially.
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"weight kelp"
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Does anyone here lockout when doing press movements? I was browsing through my copy of Arnold's body building encyclopedia, and it said "Do not lockout on presses." And a quick google search and It seems to be divided. Main reason being joint damage.
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if you dont lockout your arms in a bench press (in powerlifting meets) or on the snatch and jerk (in weightlifting meets) its a no lift. so i dunno what the claims of joint damage are when there are guys bench pressing 600lbs+ and clean and jerking 500lbs+ without these problems.
i think it has to do more with keeping the muscle under tension than it has to do with the health of the joint.

if locking out your joints really did damage your joints then these guys would not be lifting weights these heavy.

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You lose muscle tension when you lock out mate. Just before lockout is greater tension on muscle due to them doing their purpose (tricep extending/bicep contracting).

I'd wager that they wouldn't be locking out on each rep during training mate unless they're specifically training for lock-out or getting close to a comp.

For the average lifter it's probably not in their best interests.
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lt mittens
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yeah time under tension is longer if you don't lock out. and more time under tension = more mass. when training for strength it doesn't matter much but it really makes a difference when training to get bigger especially on the compound movements.
this shouldn't be an excuse to do half reps though
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Your joints are strongest when locked out. The whole thing is rubbish. Lock out, it's not a bad thing.
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