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This is one of my Babies! a Late 80's Neal Moser one of a kind 24k gold signature SS ST Maple top and no bs smells like maple big time! any who if i get permission to list my ebay link i will but heres a sample of my baby! ENJO!!! Sorry Im not quite sure how to post the actual photos in the text area
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Here are my two beauties

Gibson Les Paul Studio Gold Swirl


Limited Edition American Standard Stratocaster Oiled Ash

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My Instruments and the rest of the Rig, I am saving up for a Marshall MG15CFXMS Mini Stack atm as that 10W Fender is not enough xD

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havent posted my gear in a bit.. so i thought id do so

the pic of the strat looks more yellow than it is.. really a vintage creme..

when i bought her

after i modded her
#1 2001 MII Jackson DK-2
#2 1995 MIK modded Fender squire
#3 2001 MIK Squier Stagemaster Deluxe
#4 2007 MIJ DKMG/DXMG Jackson
#5 1985 MIA Gibson SG Special
#6 1999 MIK ESP LTD M107
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WTLT GG&A 2008 WTLT EG 2006 WTLT GB&C 2009

Field Marshall 7 strings/ERG Amps!
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Hi all
new member here
just want to share my rigs

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I made a NAD about the Jet City yesterday, but here is my current rig. Hoping to get back out gigging soon, after a 3 year break (university etc).

Amp is a JCA50H, with a Marshall 8412 Cab (the one issued with the Valvestate head...not wonderful but it does a job).

Guitar is my trusty MIM Telecaster, with upgraded hardware, a Tonerider Rebel 90 in the neck, a Seymour Duncan Lil'59 in the bridge and a whole lot of chips, dents and mojo!

Originally Posted by -[NiL]-
You're cuter than Bieber.

Stud_Muffin: Officially cuter than Justin Bieber since '92.

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So I got me my custom built ETB Infinity shape I made and a mockingbird, running into a keeley neutrino auto wah, Digitech Whammy, MXR EVH Phase 90, and Pigtronix Echolution 2, which all goes ahead of the Reinhardt 18 head due to a lack of effects loop (sounds heavenly though). Speaker cab is my recently finished ETB vertical 2x12 (inspired by port city cabs) with a Celestion G12H30 and G12-35XC. Plus there's a built in rack case which has a short 2u drawer and a power conditioner. ETB are my initials, so every time I build something I put them on somewhere... plus my logo is stylish.
Reinhardt 18 Head
H&K Tubemiester 18 head
Blue 6505+ head
TC Electronics G Major
MXR phase 90, Pigtronix Echolution 2
Digitech Whammy (5th gen)
ETB Infinity x2
ETB Yoda
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WTLT GG&A 2008 WTLT EG 2006 WTLT GB&C 2009

Field Marshall 7 strings/ERG Amps!
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Epiphone SG Special

Here is the Futura when it first arrived...

And my newest AFTER

This one came with the head snapped off in transit. It took me a while to fix it, but I was actually able to do it, and it sounds amazing

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Gimme a beer!
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Washburn USA Custom Shop
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Patrick J.
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I've just recently picked up the Guitar. After having played on my friends beat-up guitar for a while I bought this custom Tele made here in Scandinavia . I'm a sucker for finishes like that

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About two months ago, I picked up this 1987 Kramer F1000 for $250 USD, it is the import version of the American Baretta, and unjustly they don't get the respect they deserve

Kramer production line guitars used necks made by ESP in Japan, imported and fretted in the USA, in the early 80's ESP was more well known as a high end replacement parts company than as guitar builders. By 1987 they were making both the bodies and necks for the US production line models which were being assembled in Neptune NJ. using the ESP parts.

So in 1987 the F1000 and the Baretta had only 3 differences, the pickup the frets and tuners , the American had a Duncan JB and Schallers, the ESP model did not, both came stock with an OFR. When I bought this one the pickup had already been swapped for a JB, the tuners work fine so no need to upgrade the fretwork is top notch as well as would be expected from ESP.

I love it my friend has a mint condition 1985 Baretta American and we can't find a difference between the two quality and playing wise.

Note the studs on the Floyd Rose are adjusted with a flat head screw driver vs. hex head like the modern OFR's

The guitar is in immaculate condition for being 28 years old.

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UN chained
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My newest guitar, ^ this guy knows what's up. Dean Concrete Sledge.




My newest addition,
2012 Dean Dime Concrete Sledge ML Limited Run 333
to see more of my gear visit my profile.

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Here's my junk.
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