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Originally Posted by Cathbard
We had a guy in the band admit that he liked Nickelback. We immediately started looking for his replacement.

Originally Posted by PiercedBand
You don't go to a Slayer concert and see a combo.

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Slow around here no?

Originally Posted by Arby911
Hang bars of soap from the tree branches with string to keep the deer from chewing on your new growth. They seem to particularly despise Irish Spring. I've heard human hair works as well, but I've never tried it.

Firearms also work well, but can cause you other problems...

That's what I do. Seems to work pretty well. I hardly ever see the male bucks but they are the ones tearing up that tree on the right of this pic. Moms and babies walk through here all the time though. I took this pic Saturday.

(clicky if you want to see deer in my backyard again )

PS (for all that care): I have a bug out place. It happens to be where I go camping a lot. I know the owner. He has 1,000's of acres, cattle, fishing, etc etc. Caves too. One cave is big enough to fit 43 school buses in it he says. He owns a canoeing outfitter livery. I believe him. Unfortunately he is now suffering stage 3 colon cancer. I'm going this weekend for some R&R.

Originally Posted by AcousticMirror

china has the important things. smoking anywhere you want. drinking in the street. girls that will hold your hand for money.

man's gotta have priorities.


...and congrats!

Originally Posted by mmolteratx
Yea, it's a pretty big deal. I got mad as shit when I heard about the ending.

I think you inadvertently spoiled it for Kyle too

Mike & Dan - hope you had a great time with whatever it is you ended up doing. Report?

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^ How is it that you have so much free time camping?
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I don't know. Everyone has there own thing I guess. I actually didn't go camping as much this year as I have other years. Sometimes I go with friends, sometimes I go with my wife and sometimes I go just by myself to just have some quiet alone time.

Sometimes I have a dream that we are all down there together and I got Cath to go
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You're dreaming about me now?
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Damn straight bitch.

Ippon - was that your pic? I thought you got rid of your splawns?

Also - I hate this guy.

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Not watched the video but from the still I can see 6 guitars that all look pretty much identical.

I don't see the point. Two maybe for a backup.
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I'm getting really tired of the "hey, hook up a PC power supply and a car audio amp" nonsense that sfx is spouting...

Sure it will function, but why not just buy a reasonably priced power amp and NOT go through all that crap?

It seems to me a 'solution' in search of a problem. Am I missing something here? It's not cheaper, it's not more convenient and it's unlikely to sound better?
“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin
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